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Bucks pick a guy that played in the G league last year. Marjon Beauchamp. He's 6'6" with a 7'1" wingspan. He's described as a strong defender.

The biggest problem is that he shot 24% from three in the G league. He'll already be 22 before the season starts.

Sounds like Sterling Brown to me.

A little disappointing that when the Bucks biggest need is more shooting, they take a guy who makes Giannis look like a great 3 point shooter. It's a small sample size and maybe he'll be better than 8 for 33, but still surprising to me.

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It would seem to me that they are targeting him to be another stopper (initially) to defend the wing.  Perhaps a taller and more athletic and younger version of Wes Matthews.

Another positive is he’s a very good rebounder for his size, and perhaps the best trait is he plays hard and has a Giannis like background and mentality that should allow him to stay humble.

He’s good in transition and can finish but he’s not a great ball handler nor is he a good shooter.   His passing skills are mediocre at this point as well.

If I had to guess, Allen will be the offense and Beauchamp will be the defense at the 2.   That’s my take.  It would have been nice to have a guy like this against Boston to slow down Tatum or Brown.

The Hugo Besson pick is a bit more intriguing.  When you see him play, he has a bit of Steph Curry about him in the way he takes long range pull up shots.  No one has Curry’s range (maybe Dame), but Besson is a sneaky good athlete that plays with flair and confidence.  Takes and makes a lot of step back 3s and contested shots.  Very good finisher at the rim.  Probably a better passer than he gets credit for.   You never want to assume anything, but it’s possible Besson could become their backup PG.  

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I think Beauchamp's ability to be on the floor will come down to his ability to improve his outside shot to a level that isn't playoff Bledsoe-esque.

PJ Tucker is virtually useless on offense. He can't handle the ball. He has no mid-range game, and he can't finish at the rim. What he did do is develop one skill that allowed him to stay on the floor in crunch time which is to stand in the corner and basically shoot a set shot from the 3-point line at 35%. Combined with the occasional hustle putback he gets, that gets him to a 54% true shooting percentage. Beuchamp is much better than Tucker in terms of ball handling, slashing, and finishing, but if he can't get at least into the low 30s at the 3-point line he is unplayable for meaningful minutes. Maybe the Bucks think they can fix the mechanics of what is described as an ugly three point stroke.

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