BrainDed posted:

Scratch that.   Hawks have 0 division losses so they are in the drivers seat. 

Scratch your scratch.....Niners are 8-1. They're still in first place until they lose a 2nd game. 

Lotta football to play yet.

I've been saying it for a couple weeks now....5 game stretch for Niners. If they win TWO of them they should be thrilled.

Seahawks (loss) / Cards / Packers / Ravens / Saints

Seriously....that's about as tough a stretch I've ever seen. 

But hey....if you wanna crown their asses....then crown em! (Seattle)

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Still trying to figure out how Seattle got Diggs from the Loins for basically a 12 pack of Bud Light.   FU Detoilet 

Speaking of schedules, I just got a look at the Seahawks remaining games and they play at Philly, MN at home, at the Rams, at Carolina, AZ at home and SF at home.   Several of those teams will be fighting for playoff positioning and the Cardinals arenโ€™t a pushover anymore either.  

Hopefully the Packers keep winning and SF and Seattle come back to the pack a bit. 

Tschmack posted:

Still trying to figure out how Seattle got Diggs from the Loins for basically a 12 pack of Bud Light.   FU Detoilet 


Last year the Lions were 3-3 when they traded their best WR for a third round pick and to save 4 million dollars. 

This year, they traded a team captain and very good DB in Quandre Diggs for a 5th and 7th round picks. They were 2-2-1 when they traded him. 

The Lions players have to be disgusted with what's happened the last two years. It's not the like Packers trading Clinton-Dix and Montgomery last year. The Lions traded 2 of their top 5 players at the deadline the last two years while they were still in playoff contention. It's like they were mini-tanking. 

While it sucks that the Lions gave away a good DB for almost nothing to Seattle, it does make it a much easier game for the Packers to win when we play the Lions at the end of the year. 

DocBenni posted:

Both of these teams look tough.  SF was playing without Kittle and Sanders (most of the game)  that severely limits their offense.  Not sure what Sanders injury was, but he and Kittle will probably be back for the game against us.  

The biggest negative for the shitpigeons has got to be Wilson's Soul Glow hairstyle. 

Both of these teams took a beating injury-wise. Looks like the 49ers lost one of the big NT's for awhile (bad looking hamstring injury) and Seattle lost it's top WR. The Niner's also lost Kwon Alexander on IR for the year earlier this month.


Pakrz posted:

Went to bed in the 3rd quarter but saw the replay this afternoon.  Jimmy G looked horrible, especially in the 2nd half.  

He didn't get a lot of help from guys dropping passes. But he was definitely off last night. As others have pointed out.....No Kittle & Sanders got hurt early. 

That's like KC losing Kelce & Ty Hill.

But damn....3 out of 18 in the 2nd half 59 yards & 1 INT...sure wish he would've saved that vs. Green Bay.

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