michiganjoe posted:

Berry becomes the youngest NFL GM at 32.

Brandt had a really good article about how Cleveland looked to be doing the right thing but then just went down the same suckhole when it came to hiring/firing GMs and coaches.  His take is DePodesta never had a GM other than Sasha Brown who wanted to do his moneyball approach.  This absolutely has to be that hire.  If it works, which I highly doubt will in the NFL, then at least they correctly tried the experiment. 

Again, I personally have no idea how you could use that tact with so many moving parts in the NFL game but it'll still be interesting to see.

I predict that Haslem puts the team up for sale.  He has to be up to 2 bottles of extra strength aspirin a day.  That is unsustainable - and remain alive.  

Carolina said that they want stability in their HCing position- like the Steelers.  So they hired the guy who turned the Baylor program around and gave him a big contract.  Cleveland would not know anything about stability.  The volatile Browns should change their name to Geysers or Volcanoes.  More fitting anyway.  

Henry posted:

The team sucks because of Haslam.  The shit waffle won't sell diddly.  It's all ego not about fielding a competent NFL team.

Ego has little to with it...because an NFL franchise can suck balls for 30 years and still make money. A fuck ton of it. He's all about the dinero. 

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