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If you get a chance to see Jackson Brown ALONE in concert--no band, just him on a stage with a piano and about 30 different guitars--go see it. It's something else. He's done that twice in Bakersfield, and he walked out on stage looking like he was apprehensively attending a Trump rally, but that's not the kind of crowd he draws and his music stands on its own, doesn't need the full rock star treatment. Closed with his song "I am a Patriot."

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It's Labor Day, here's a couple for the working man.  Workingmans Blues #1 and 2.


Love Merle, saw him performing with his son and other band members a year before he died. We were three rows from the stage, and unlike Frank Sinatra he still had his voice. But he wouldn't come out for an encore, which irked me. The crowd knew it was a special night.

Was never a big AC DC fan, but Back in Black is an excellent rock and roll album.  

ZZ Top Tres Hombres is another one.  That band might be the only thing decent to originate from Texas.  Although, much like REM their newer more recent stuff is an abomination. 

Marvin Gaye Whats Going On is one of my favorites too.  

Was lucky to come of age though in the late 80s and early 90s.   From hip hop to grunge to ska so many kick ass tunes and albums during that time.  But I’ll always have a soft spot for the punk related groups like Bad Religion and Agent Orange and Fugazi and Black Flag and Bad Brains.  Guess it all ties back to skateboarding (or most of it anyway).  Skate videos back in the day were the best.  

One of my personal highlights was running into and skating with Christian Hosoi at the Huntington Beach skate park (modified pools more or less) back in the mid 90s. 

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