With a lot of free time these days, I’ve been going through some of my old sports cards. If you kids behave and play along, I’d be happy to play “Name This Brewer “ I’ll start with an easy one...



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I will go to my grave thinking Vuke hurt something (even more than he already was by that point) after going 11 full innings on 9/20/82. Was a really solid year up to that point, and after that 11 inning game he went:

6.2 innings/6 Runs (L)
4.1 innings/5 Runs (L)
8.0 innings/4 Runs (L)
6.1 innings/3 Runs (ND)
8.2 innings/6 Runs (L)
5.1 innings/3 Runs (L)

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Marty Pattin it is...color me impressed!

And oh, I can go back and do EVERY Brave as that was my collecting goal...every Brave card between 1953 and 1965...there were hundreds of options between Topps, Bowman and regional sets like Johnston Cookies and Salada Tea coins.

Let me work on your random white guy a bit.




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