Neil Young Bowl game thread (GA/ALA)

...because it's football.

...because y'all Yankees can watch in envy.

...because Jaymo is welcome to be as clueless, classless and chapless ass-less in this thread as he is in every other thread.

Freaking 8:30 EST start just bites the big one (FU Goodell, just on principal) Because of an early work start the next day, I  actually went to bed last year and missed the 2nd half of THE GREATEST COLLEGE GAME EVER.... This year, got smart---headed out of town so I can sleep in on the road---that should guarantee a snoozer.

Do you people ™ who don't live in the South even care?

Go Dawgs.

Jaymo---- bite me.

I’m a highly successful business owner with a smokeshow wife. 

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Glad it is an ALL SEC championship. Pulling for Georgia - SEC East. My son attends South Carolina. But a true Texas fan at end of day. I miss the south.

What's up with Neil Young reference? one of my all time favorites.

Blair Kiel posted:

I know this is an age-old (and rong) comment. but man, doesn't it look like Alabama's 11 on D could have stopped more offenses than Dom's 11?

Alabama has had 32 players drafted in the last 4 drafts. Just last year they had 3 first round, 2 second round, and 1 third round draft pick on the defense alone. In the last 4 drafts, they've 4 first round and 7 second round picks on just their defense. So, yes at times Bama puts an entire defense on the field that are eventual NFL players (and high picks for that matter). 


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