michiganjoe posted:

Really was hired to make AR great again and early results are extremely promising.

One thing some of us talked about when LaFleur was hired...he does a masterful job installing route concepts for all eligible receivers. Some of the multiple TE, RB and FB routes meshed with the WR routes are simply creative as hell...even some of their release points are just unusual and extremely innovative. Defenses can't cover everyone in this offense !!!

Saw this on tape when he was OC for the Titans but Marriota simply wasn't good enough to pull it off. Not to mention our Offensive Line is playing lights out. 

Many said it would take a while to get the offense on track....here it comes !!! 

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Aaron Jones has more receptions in 2019 than he had in all of 2018. That should tell you all you need to know. An explosive in space player with good hands caught fewer balls in the 12 games he played than the 7 played this year.

I complained for years that the Packers offense never had free runners, never had easy throw to wide open RBs in the flat, never had TEs for those easy wide open throws on the 8 yd outs or 14 yd cross. 

Every throw was contested and difficult just like the former HC. He had a chip on his shoulder and wanted to prove something. I always suspected he wanted to prove he was smart.

Boris posted:

It kinda says something MM doesn't have a job right now. That might change come January. (Washington or maybe Minnesota when Zimmer gets fired)

Ooooooohh did I just let the 🐈 out of the bag??

I'm just glad the Packer offense is back on track. 

I'm thinking McVince will follow in Lombardi's footsteps and take the Washington HC job. 

The trend of having plenty of HC vacancies should continue this year.
Washington needs a coach.
Quinn is likely done in Atlanta. 

It wouldn't surprise me if O'Brien is fired. Texans under-achieve every year, despite having decent talent. Pretty much the same for Marrone in Jacksonville.

I'd be surprised to see some of the newer coaches get replaced in places like Miami, NY Jets, Arizona, or...Chitcago? I would suppose it will depend if any of these guys are seen as QB gurus, depending on how each teams drafts or develops the younger guys they have now.