Pistol GB posted:

No way leave Leonard where he is!

I love the coaching on this team.  And the poise and confidence and spirit of the players. Plenty of talent on both sides of the ball. 

I like everything about this team. This looks like Bucky's year, boys!

Agreed!  It will be a good day doing yardwork!

This team still has a lot of warts.  The OL is good but still young and not dominant.  Hornibrook is a work in progress.

Badgers need to find a way to start games faster or Big10 teams will put them in a deep hole they can't pull their heads out of in time.  Lots of coaching yet to be done in Badgerland.

That said, good game, good win.  Keep the barrel rollin' Bucky!

Yes- not impressed with the up and down of the OL and the offense. Teams are up to speed on Hornibrook and until he becomes dangerous in one on ones downfield teams will go 8 in the box and dare them downfield. 

But NW is always a tough matchup. Took care of biz, get to work this week and get it rolling. 

They have to figure out a way to start faster.  NW is pesky but against decent teams or teams on the road they have to play better.

Good to see the pass rush step up but you can move the ball on this D and this team will go as far as Hornibrook will take them. Thankfully their schedule the next month is pretty reasonable. 

Why was Taylor not in towards the end?  They were going with Shaw but he just doesn't have the moves to get free Taylor has.  He just seemed to run into the pile.  Reminded me of Carl McCullough and PJ Hill...

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