Near 100% I'd say.

His Wisconsin defense is leading the nation in scoring defense, rushing defense and passing defense. And each by a wide margin.

4.8 pts /game; 44.7 R yds/game; 129 P yds/game

3 other B1G teams are in the scoring D top 5. But OSU is also top 5 scoring Offense. Something will give this week.

sorry, next week

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100% he leaves. He makes 600K a year. 

Justin Wilcox preceded him at DC and got 16 million over 5 years to coach Cal. 

Dave Aranda preceded Wilcox and he got 10 million over 4 years to be the defensive coordinator at LSU. 

The question will be does he leave for another college job or for a defensive coaching position in the NFL. 

If he goes to another college program as a head coach, just hope it's outside the Big 10. He grew up almost as close to Minneapolis as he did to Madison. Having him end up at Michigan, MSU, Minnesota, Illinois, or Iowa would be a disaster for UW in terms of competing for recruits. 

I think it's just as likely he goes to the NFL. Look at some of the head coaches, defensive coordinators, and DBs coaches he played for. Dick Jauron, Rex Ryan, Chuck Pagano, and Jack Del Rio to name a few. Even more impressive, Mike Pettine liked him so much he brought Leonhard in to play for 3 different teams Pettine was either the HC or DC. 

The only way he stays is if Chryst moves up to the NFL and Leonhard gets the head job and I don't see that happening. 

I don't see Chyst moving up to the NFL at this point in his career and I obviously don't know for sure what he may be thinking but I tend to think of him as a Wisconsin lifer.  

As for Leonard I have read from time to time that he is very happy right where he is and his family is very happy right now.  But, would big money from another program or the NFL be enough to pull him away from UW?   I sure would hope that he doesn't go to another Big Ten school.  


The guy has $$$... he played in the NFL a good stretch. I have a feeling he’s committed to Madison for the near future anyway. The current kids on defense are guys he’s probably had a hand in recruiting. I am betting he’d like to see that group to the destination. 

I think the Dude wants to win at UW- help them get what he couldn’t. 

El-Nuke-the-Hurricanes-Bong posted:

It's a very Wisconsin thing to worry about a guy leaving in the middle of an undefeated season

Worry? I reserve that for important things I've had a hand in.

Maybe I'm alone in thinking Jim Leonhard has been the single biggest influence on the Badgers fortunes since he arrived. And that coaching/scheming is the only thing that enables the Badgers to be successful.

Even if he was devoid of ambition there are schools who can easily toss $2million/year his way to come be defensive coordinator for top 10 talent. He made less than that in his whole 10 year NFL career. Alabama is the first that springs to mind.

ammo posted:

I hope the above post was sarcasm but in case it wasn't not even close to being true. In 2014 he signed a $855,000 contract with Cleveland.   His total career earnings were  $18, 535,334.  Yah, he's really poor and would leave in a minute for more money.

My bad. The OTC dashboard for Jim Leonhard says career earnings of 1.7M. That was his last 2 contracts. Even momentary reflection would have revealed that to be wrong.

But even if he's completely un-motivated by money, that just means he has other motivations. One can't assume he's emotionally hog tied to UW.

No.  Maybe put it on the back burner for a while but some team, somewhere, sometime will need a good young coach.  He will get this back on track, while  Illinois was an aberration, getting exposed in Ohio was pretty much expected.  The Buckeyes are pretty damn good.

IMO he will not retire in Madison.



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