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Hawk is a huge reason why I ignore measurables at the combine for ILBs.  Take a look at the two sets of stats below from pro day/combines.  



First is Hawk, second is Luke Kuechly.  Yeah, measurables on an ILB mean ****.  Instincts are everything at that position.  

Neat trick.  Now pick 2 ILBers projected in the 2nd round of the upcoming draft & tell us which one will be merely adequate & which one will be a stud.

Antonio Morrisson and Joe Schobert will be studs. Scooby Wright will be a dud. Mark it down.

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I call this the one-name special:


27: R1P27
57: R2P26
88: R3P25
122: R4P27
151: R5P24
182: R6P25
216: R7P27

I need a towel now.

Tyler Ervin is a younger James Starks. One cut, not much wiggle, upright runner, solid speed.

Braxton Miller is an interesting one to me.  I live close to Columbus and I unfortunately have seen every game of Braxton's career and I just don't see a body of work that shows a 2nd round pick  Fast yes but he really wasn't used much outside of the occasional running play that did nothing.  He did have some nice TD catches though. 

Miller is very raw, but he's almost an Odell Beckham-type athlete. He gets compared to Cobb, which I think is more because of his position history, but I think he ends up playing outside and I think someone jumps on him pretty early. He'd be a heck of a piece in Oakland, for example. 

Of course the Browns could take Wentz and maybe get him at the top of Round 2 and ruin them both.

It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out between now and draft day.  But if the draft where today, I don't think things fall all that well for Big Ted in round one.

My gut feeling is that with the first round pick he'll want to grab an impact pass-rusher (DL or OLB) or an elite pass-catching tight end.  It's possible that only one tight end (Hunter Henry) will carry a first or second round grade and chances are better than 50% that he will be gone when the Packer's first rounder comes up.  The pass-rusher with easily the most upside likely to be available when the Packers pick is Noah Spence but I don't think Ted would pick him because of significant character issues.  All the defensive linemen with top pass-rush upside are likely to be gone when the Packer's pick comes up.  I think the best player that would make sense for Green Bay is Kansas State offensive lineman Cody Whitehair.  He fits what Ted looks for in offensive linemen perfectly, but I don't think Ted will want to take an offensive lineman that early.