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LoL, algorithms gonna algorithm and every now and then:

That would definitely add speed to the team. 

Ruggs is WR1 in this draft, would be shocking if he was at 30. Iโ€™m actually not a big fan of Duggar, I think his level of competition makes him look more otherworldly than he is. Davis-Gaither is Oren Burks in my opinion, a big Safety that doesnโ€™t really have a place in the league.

Yeah I donโ€™t either. I want to see more polish in his route running, but you canโ€™t fault him for not being able to hone his craft since Kentucky asked him to be their QB, RB, and WR at various times. He was successful at all of them but right now isnโ€™t great at any of them. Doesnโ€™t mean he canโ€™t be though, I think he can be someoneโ€™s Deebo Samuel this year. Unless he flubs his pro day testing I think heโ€™s easily at Day 2 player at some level. Tons of attitude and great instincts with the ball in his hands. 

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Packmeister posted:

I think Jonathan Taylor's going to be a star in the NFL. I would be tempted to take him there, even though RB isn't a primary need.

I completely agree.  JT has been constantly looked past his whole life and frankly, I don't get it.  He wasn't highly thought of in high school but the Badgers saw something in him early on and they were dead right in their evaluations.  

The ONLY thing I see maybe being a red flag is the fumbles....  but frankly, I think the guy is a top 15 type talent.  Guys at 225 lbs. that run under 4.4 are rare freaks.  Not only does he have freakish measurables, but he's got the production to back it up.  And unlike a guy like Zeke Elliot, he's a class guy and actually very very smart.  

To me, if he lasts late in the 1st round, I have to believe the Seahawks take him which would make me ill.  He'd be perfect for them though.  He would be a fantastic complement to Wilson.  Hell, Wilson had pretty much nothing for RBs to help him out and he still came close to beating the Pack at Lambeau a couple of months ago.  You give him JT to hand off to and I think the Seahawks might be the NFC favorite.  I hope like heck that doesn't happen, but I could see it as a possibility based on where JT is projected in drafts.  

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A buyers market on the Mock Draft Simulator today.                                                     https://thedraftnetwork.com/mock-draft-machine                                                        all these picks were there at 30

22. J Taylor

23. A J Epenesa

25. Josh Jones  *

35. Patrick Queen *

36. Kenneth Murry  *

32. Shenault

37 Mims

38. Higgins

39. Reagor

* * *  

Were that the case, I think I'd go Patrick Queen. The guy showed he can play and has an even higher ceiling than Murray. Jones is mighty tempting, though.