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I think the Packers are okay with Sternberger, Tonyan, and Lewis at TE if they don't find an upgrade in the draft. 

I also think Funchess fits, as has been noted by others, their desire for bigger WRs who can block. I doubt they convert him to TE.

I never understood why TE was thought of as a must have for this draft. Our current TE roster that you mentioned above, should do well. 

Pakrz posted:

Not a big Badger fan.  I've seen Zach Baun mocked to GB at 30 a few times.  For those that have seen him play regularly, can he legitimately play MLB?  Is he worth the 30th pick?  Good kid?

I've seen him play a handful of times, not a Badger fan per se, so maybe I can approach it with some clearer eyes...

He's a hell of a college player. He can do a lot of things well. In college. Will that translate to the NFL? Not sure.

There's a long list of guys who are drafted from one position and put in another and never really pan out (Nick Perry, Jamal Reynolds come to mind). Packers need a contributor with pick 30, not a project.

Floridarob posted:

Packers need to move up to 20 to have their choice of WR, LB or remaining OT. Gute likes tall fast WRs. Philly and Minnesota are sitting in the early 20s with the same needs so getting ahead of them is a priority. Hopefully he moves up to get one of those with my favorite Justin Jefferson hopefully there for the taking. 

Moving up to 20 would cost what exactly? The 2nd rounder and maybe something else? 

Hell no!

I think the value is moving down. Pick up a 2nd + a 3rd or 4th. 

If they stay at 30 there is going to be a good WR sitting there. May be only 3 WRs gone before GB picks CeeDee, Jeudy and Ruggs. They may have their choice of Higgins, Aiyuk, Chenault, Jefferson and Mimms and maybe several of those if they drop down 5-6 picks. 

Let's say they trade the 30th to the Chargers for picks 37 and 71.  That would leave GB with 37, 62, 71, 94. 

37: (WR) Jefferson, Shenault, Aiyuk, Mims. (LB) Baun, Queen (DL) Blacklock, (OL) Jones, Jackson USC, Cleveland BSU, (RB) Maybe their pick of all of them.  

62 & 71: Pick Two! (WR) Hamler PSU, Edwards SC, Pittman USC (OL) Biadasz, Ruiz, Niang,  Cushenberry, Wanogho, Muti (RB) Akers, Dobbins (DB) Jaylon Johnson, Arnette, Dantzler, Winfield (DL) Davidson, Madubuike, Elliott (TE) Kmet, Hopkins, Bryant, Trautman   

94: (WR) Peoples-Jones, Gandy-Golden, Duvernay, Van Jefferson (Edge) Anae, Darrell Taylor, Zuniga, Kareem (DB) Chinn (who I like to play a box S), Jackson Neb, Ojemudia

I think this is a deep draft except for probably TE. Lots of good players are going to be had deep into the draft. And I think GB needs a bunch of good players injected into the system. 

So thankful for Gutekunst.

People seem to be downplaying Tyler Biadasz for some reason, possibly because he hasn't worked out at all in the predraft process. I see him talked about as a 3rd rounder, but I think he's easily a 1st round talent. Big, strong, moves well, high football IQ, unanimous all american and Rimington winner, etc. There are some technique things he will need to clean up and he has some injury history, but he's easily one of the top 10 best OL in this draft and the top interior player for me. He definitely seems like someone that draftniks are overthinking...I'm guilty of it, his offseason has been static and it's easy to overlook someone who isn't standing out. If guys like Reagor and Jefferson are not available at 30, take TB, solidify the interior OL and don't worry about it. Let Turner and Wagner fight for RT. 

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People seem to be downplaying Tyler Biadasz for some reason, possibly because he hasn't worked out at all in the predraft process.

Anyone else think this draft could be a franchise making/breaking draft simply due to the circumstances of not being able to fully evaluate players?

I do.  Let's hope Giggity isn't on the dum dum side of things.