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@Chongo posted:

With Bakh being out for a while, don't see how we can move on from Wagner

Now that Wagner is gone I think GB will obviously look to the draft for a young T. Hell, we know Jenkins can play there too if thatโ€™s the direction they want to go. I have to believe thereโ€™s going to be quite a few options in FA too with all the cap cuts coming up. Players will either have to sign a FA deal that is lesser than they think theyโ€™re worth or not play at all. My guess is theyโ€™ll choose to play.

@Chongo posted:

Only so much cap room. Canโ€™t see us taking Watt unless it is at a discount...and I dont think that will happen.

Packers need to make signing 33 a priority...closest thing you have on the roster to his skillset us Ervin, and that is a drop off. Not only do you lose a pass catching option, you lose your most consistent threat to house it every play.

Are you saying AJ Dillon isn't a threat? He is Eddie Lacy, without the buffet table. It appears Gute drafted Dillon with the idea that he would replace either Jones or Williams, who were  both entering FA. Jones already had turned down the Packers' offer, and IMO, I think Gute wanted to get a bargain, in this upcoming draft, at RB. I think both Jones and Williams are gone. Gute won't put the franchise tag on Jones, as doing so, will cost him about $8 million. You can buy a lot of rookie RB talent, for that kind of money. This cap situation, the Packers are in, really sucks! BTW, don't look for JJ Watt in Green and Gold, either. I'd love to see Watt lined up with Kenny Clark, on the D Line, but that is not happening.

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