OMGosh......this tattoo of Aaron!!!!!

You guys really are a bunch of dicks.  He was obviously talking about Mad Max world where we'll all be leathery mummies buried in the wastes.  

What no one is talking about here is how tattooed mummies are a strong indicator of nuclear annihilation, which would greatly exacerbate climate change.


A thousand years from now I hope a Viking fan anthropologist digs me up and finds my "The Vikings have never won a super bowl" charm bracelet preserved inside an empty Titos vodka bottle and starts weeping openly because change doesn't happen in a millennia. 

El-Ka-Bong posted:

Just wait until you are 75 and have osteoporosis old person bones.  How badass you think that knife in a heart tattoo is going to look then?  

I wouldn't worry too much about the knife-in-a-heart tat on bones looking too bad at age 75, but the knife-in-a-heart tat on 75-year-old saggy skin is a whole 'nother matter. 

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