I may be forgetting someone, but I really think Moore dropped more passes than I ever remember from a Packers' player in the 40+ years I've been watching them.  Right from family night on he just dropped ball after ball and some of them would have been big gainers if he just could have held on.   

I guess you could say the positive was that he did often have a step or 2 on guys he was up against so he was getting open.  He dropped the ball so much that it negated anything positive he did.  If this camp is anything like last year's was, I think the Pack cuts bait, but if he at least somewhat improves in that aspect then the fact that he does have an ability to get open should allow him to stick around.

(Per Mike Clemens) some observations from this latest round of OTA's:

Prior to Matt LaFleur becoming a gimp for a month, Clemens said it's really interesting to watch him and his assistants working on fundamentals with everyone, including veterans. He cited examples where Jimmy Graham was doing drills in the EZ and LaFleur ran up to him to tell him he's telegraphing himself too much before turning for the ball. MLF wants Graham to wait until he's past the 1/2 way mark in the EZ before turning for the football. 

New OL coach is doing the same thing with guys like Bak. Telling Bak, "no, this isn't how I want you coming out of this block, come out this way instead". 

Keep in mind these are All-Pro/Pro bowl players they are correcting and having them change how they block, run a route, come out of a route, etc. 

Clemens said the new staff is pounding fundamentals (at least 60% of the entire practice time) and correcting what these guys are doing, including vet's. Even with AR, LaFleur would go running into the huddle to make sure AR is calling the play exactly how he wants him to. 

Clemens said the energy from these practices, with coaching running up and down the field, stopping plays to correct any player who isn't lining up or coming out of a break the right way, is NIGHT AND DAY compared to how it was with MM. 

He said he can now see just how stale the practices were and how the energy was so lacking under MM compared to all this young energy and correcting of "little things" MLF and Co. are doing during these OTA's. It should become even more apparent once Training Camp starts. 

Anyway, interesting observations FWIW.

It's always about fundamentals. When things go south, always go back to the basics. It's the best way to retrain the brain and body. The fact that the new coaches have to correct even vets on how to properly perform the basics, says, unfortunately, how far things had fallen under MM.  I do like the way MLF goes into the huddle to make sure even AR follows his directions; even the great ones have to be held accountable to the coach and teammates.  

I wouldn't assume MLF is correcting fundamentals so much as he is retraining them to do them his way and the way that fits his offensive philosophy best.  And I don't think MLF being in the huddle is as much about holding AR accountable as it is to see whether he is calling the call correctly.  Could be both but I didn't get the same impression after reading that article.

As a former card carrying PGA tour golf instructor I can tell you Jake Kumerow has a seriously legit golf swing. A little funky from the top to impact that probably results in a few dead left pulls. But his takeaway and rotation to set at the top is picture perfect. Perfect fade swing path. Maybe a little too good for a guy trying to make a roster. Get off the course Jake. 

Well done on the divots. All left. Not a swinpath you can get away with repeatedly. But he’s got a perfect set at the top. Any golf teacher would tell him pulling the lampchain straight down with his left hand at the top before he fires the shoulders takes the pull out of play. He may never be a WR. But he’s got the makings of a great golf swing. 


Name to watch in Green Bay going into minicamp, and training camp: Second-year receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling. The 6' 4", 206-pound 24-year-old is faster than the new staff anticipated he’d be, and has quickly picked up Matt LaFleur’s system, which is significantly different than Mike McCarthy’s. You know how big Aaron Rodgers’s arm is, and the Packers quarterback hasn’t been able to overthrow him in OTAs. Add Valdes-Scantling’s emergence to Jimmy Graham surprising the staff with his still-there movement skills, and it looks like Green Bay is going to have ways to take the pressure off No. 1 receiver Davante Adams.

He started fast out of the gate last year and seemed to fade later in the season once defenses knew how to cap his long speed.  Will be interesting to see how he counters his game.  Also interested in seeing EQ's second year development.  I get the sense he's seen as the 18 draftee that has shown the most potential on the field so far.  Still holding vigil for JMon but it sounds like he has even more ground to make up.

Trevor Davis caught a punt in the end zone once and tried returning it. After the game McCarthy said they had a hard rule about fielding punts but it wasn’t the 5. Maybe it was inside the 1. 

Cant explain how ST were so bad with the Zook McCarthy traveling genius tent show. 

Goalline posted:


“I’m not a linebacker. Y’all can get that out of your head. You can stop writing about that. That’s not going to happen,” Jones said.

Honestly, I agree with him. He is not a linebacker. Other things Jones is not? A lizard, a rabbit, a good player and, oh, also not a safety.

Pretty sure "car salesman" is his next job.

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