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Pakrz posted:

Most fans were disappointed by Graham's production in 2018.  Hell, even he said that his numbers sucked.  With that said, Graham was still the 9th best TE numbers wise in the league with 55 catches for 636 yards for an average of over 11 yards per catch.  My guess is that MLF will get a lot more production out of Graham in 2019.

Well 2019 hasn't worked out for shit.  I'll be pretty damn disappointed if Gute brings this guy back, especially at his current salary.  He's terrible at this point in his career. 

This smells like a I'm retiring tweet..

DH13 posted:

Graham didn't take advantage of various opportunities we all saw this season.  However he did draw a lot of coverage early in the year until defenses figured out they didn't have to focus on him as much as they were.  The concurrent problem was the WR drop off after 17, predominantly in the slot. OR GB needed to stress both boundaries on plays they wanted to get Graham the ball between the hashes.  Instead, defenses could focus on 17...and then everyone else without worrying about Graham because he wasn't really hurting anyone anymore.  He needs a legit #2 WR as much as the offense does.

It's not groundhog day yet but I posted this almost a year ago.

These assertions of needing skill position talent are unfounded.

That said, I'm not sure what Graham has to offer at this point.  I would like to see if EQ can come back and continue to grow.  He seemed to be getting a lot of slot snaps and being a tall SOB himself he and Graham could possibly do some damage.  Lazard and EQ are wildcards IMO.  Get a legit #2 and those two guys could come up big.  At minimum they would make a solid 3 and 4 for now.  How Graham plays into it or if he plays into it at all remains to be seen and it would appear Lazard was getting TE looks already (DH13 is a meanie).  Considering how unclear the roles are outside of Adams anything is possible. 

Gmo, MVS and WWJ need to find employment elsewhere along with Graham's cap number.

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michiganjoe posted:

My guess is it's pretty much a complete overhaul at wideout beyond Adams. Sternberger blocked much better than I had anticipated and am excited to see what he can do in his second year.

Yep. Sternberger will stick for obvious reasons. I think Lazard, MVS and EQ come in as camp bodies. If they shock MLF and the offense and look worlds better, then wonderful. But I do not believe Gutey is going to assume any of that. He will make whole sale changes regardless, starting in FA.

Hunter Henry and Austin Hooper among a couple of names to replace Graham. Ebron, Hollister, Tyler Eifert, etc are cheaper options as well.      

Tonyan had an injury to deal with but the expectations for him didn't quite work out. Really thought the three drafted receivers would work out a lot better than they did and his whole 2018 draft was pretty disappointing other than the first-round pick.

In retrospect, it's pretty obvious the roster TT handed off to him wasn't as good as many thought.

michiganjoe posted:

In retrospect, it's pretty obvious the roster TT handed off to him wasn't as good as many thought.

Gutey has already gutted most of the defensive talent TT left for him.

He will definitely let Fackrell go without much fight in free agency and my guess from his reaction after the loss on Sunday is that Martinez knows he's not getting paid by GB either.

Thus, after just over 2 years of Gutey on the job, the only defensive holdovers from TT's final roster who will likely remain on the roster as of  March of 2020 are Kenny Clark, Kevin King, and Dean Lowry.

And you got to think that Gutey is kicking himself for giving Lowry a new contract last off-season.