The goal is to obviously win the division, which guarantees GB will at least host a playoff game.  I think the #2 overall seed and a first round bye are definitely in play for GB.  

GB needs to win out, which is possible but the Minnesota game will be tough.  Using the playoff simulator on ESPN, it looks like GB will greatly benefit from SF beating NO today.  It also appears that the Rams winning some games down the stretch, including today, helps the Packers out quite a bit.  

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Just continue to take care of your own business & the chips will fall just fine. 

12-4 or 13-3 guarantees a home playoff game. 

It all starts with today & taking care of business against a dramatically inferior team. 

michiganjoe posted:

Probably more accurate to say the offense is just woefully incompetent right now rather than just trying to get by. Need to get it fixed if they want to be more than one and done in the postseason.

I hear and done is going to be the result with this team tho.  I don’t know what the answer is, but they have looked pretty bad the last week or two.  JMHO.

YATittle posted:
Blair Kiel posted:

Do you just post every random thought that pops into your head?

Eat shit

It would've been funnier if it was just this. 

1) "Eat shit" is funny.

2) Pretty much bears out the random thought theory.

3) Fedya ruins everything.

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