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So things are going to start getting interesting in seedings for the playoffs.

Alabama seems unbeatable but I have this hunch that Auburn is going to give them a run for their money.  They also need to play Miss St but that game is at home

Washington.  who really knows much about them?  And they have to play a really hot U$C team this week but the game is at home.

Ohio State goes to Maryland and MSU before they play Michigan. 

Michigan's road may be a bit tougher.  They go to Iowa and home to Indiana before O$U.   The Iowa game could be a tough one depending on which Iowa team shows up

Clemson is a team for some reason I just not that excited about.  They are good but how good are they really?  but they should win out against Pitt, Wake and South Carolina

Louisville.  They have Wake, Houston, and Kentucky.   Houston is like Iowa it could be a tough game but it will depend on who shows up.

UW?  I think a lot would have to happen for them to make the playoffs.  They would have to win out, beat Michigan/OSU in the BIG title game and need a ton of help. 

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If they win out, they probably need one other thing to happen to get in. They were at #7 last week and Texas AM lost, so they should bump up to #6. If they win out that means that both OSU and Michigan will have lost, so the only other teams currently ranked above them are Alabama, Clemson, Washington, and Louisville. If all those teams win out, they would be out of the playoff. If Alabama, Clemson, and Washington lose once, they still might stay in front of a two loss Wisconsin team. There easiest route is to win out and have Louisville lose once. Louisville does play at Houston.

I think Bucky wins out in the regular season and then loses to OSU/UM in the Big10 Championship game. I think winning that game is a much bigger hurdle than needing something to happen from the other teams

I agree that game is a much bigger hurdle especially if they play O$U.  Getting that team on a neutral field in a dome is kind of scary and this feels like 2014 all over again.  I don't think they would get whacked 59-0 again but it would be a tough situation to play them.

I have tickets to the Big Ten championship so hopefully it will be more competitive this time.

I disagree- I think the Badgers can win out and get in the playoffs, and it just depends on who they beat in the B1G title game. 

If its an undefeated Michigan team, I think they're in. There's no way to ignore what they've done. Wins over (what would then be) 4 top 10 teams in 6 contests against top 10 teams would garner a lot of support. 

But if its OSU then that's not as good. Then Washington and Louisville are in play. But I think Washington loses before then. To me the real threat is Louisville, but they won't even play in their ACC title game. I think that hurst them in the end with the committee. But there's that chance the allure of the superstar could sway the committee...

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Elite defense and mediocre offense.  

CC is a pretty damn good player.  Peavy and 9 fingers are nice players, Ram is the only elite player on offence.  Line and rest of WR crew is pretty pedestrian.  If the defense could play with a lead early on (and the special teams win a few battles like they did on Sat) this team belongs in the playoffs.  If the D has a bad day...

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Need MICH to win last 2 then lose to WI in the title game. IMO, that is what the Badgers need for a shot into the playoffs. Also having Louisville drop another would be great just to be sure. 

My CFP projection after yesterday

1 - Alabama

2- Mich

3 - Ohio St

4 - Louisville

5 - Wisconsin

6 - Washington

7 - Clemson

Wash and Clem were losses at home. Clemson to an unranked Pitt.

Speight reportedly will be out for the remainder of the season with a broken collarbone, although he could potentially return for the team's bowl game, according to Mark Snyder of the Detroit Free Press later confirmed the report.

However, that contradicts what head coach Jim Harbaugh said Monday, when he called Speight a game-time decision for Saturday's game against Indiana, per Snyder.

"It's going to depend on how he feels," Harbaugh said. "Could be a [game-time decision]. We will know based on what the doctors say and how Wilton's feeling."

Harbaugh wouldn't go into specifics on the injury, but Snyder reported that Speight had suffered a left shoulder injury. However, the coach did confirm that backup quarterback John O'Korn and Shane Morris would get the majority of practice reps.    

Well, this could Change some thoughts about playing and beating Michigan.......

Bleacher Report.


Fans talk. Players play. 

Everything is automatically contingent on them winning out. But I'm of the mind that the Badgers will not be final 4 even if they win the B1G Championship if they don't get a revenge win. It has to be one of the two- Michigan or OSU. If its Penn State, there is going to be a perception that OSU or Michigan is still better. 

First things first. Let's win the next 2. I can't see them losing to Purdue, but Minnesota is going to be tough.

If Bucky wins 2 the fact that the Michigan QB is out complicates this even more. That makes it more likely that UM will lose to OSU and put Penn State in the Big 10 title game. Best case scenario is that OSU beats UM and then MSU shocks Penn State (which is not impossible, but unlikely). Then Bucky gets OSU and a "revenge" win and both Penn State and MSU will have more or as many losses as UW. However, it's likely it ends up being Penn State and Wisconsin and OSU will end up in the playoff as a 1 loss team that already beat a team that may also be in the playoff (Oklahoma). 

In the end it's going to be 



Big 10 team - most likely OSU

I wouldn't be surprised if Oklahoma sneaks in also over Washington. 



If UW wins out and beats Penn St in the title game.


2. Ohio St

3. Clemson

4. Wisconsin

The Big 10 champ (best conference by far outside of the SEC) that only lost to OSU and MI....each by a TD and one in OT is not going to be kept out of the top 4......even if OSU is still in the #2 spot.

Two Big 10 teams will be in the top 4. Mark it down.

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Music City posted:

Fans talk. Players play. 

Everything is automatically contingent on them winning out. But I'm of the mind that the Badgers will not be final 4 even if they win the B1G Championship if they don't get a revenge win. It has to be one of the two- Michigan or OSU. If its Penn State, there is going to be a perception that OSU or Michigan is still better. 

The more I think about it and hear pundit's blathering, the more I think this is the case.

Item 1: Beat Purdue this weekend.

As noted, it's really out of our control.  Obviously nobody was impressed by the huge win over IL.  We need to keep getting huge wins and dominating defensive play even with all the injuries.

Now with Meeechigan loosing their QB, it's going to make this harder for us as far as the polls go.  Fact is, we have to win the B1G.  No way about it and we can't control the rest.

Do Item 1, then beat the goofers, and then all we can do is wait to see who we play and win that game.

Item 1 first.


If they don't win the next two games - not to mention the Big Ten championship game- it really doesn't matter.  Take care of your business first. 

Louisville losing was a big deal as was the Washington loss last week. I see the Huskies probably losing one more game either against WSU or in the conference championship game.   Also have to pull for another Clemson loss but that is less likely than Washington losing another game.