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Music City posted:
ChilliJon posted:

GB loses by 17 without Rodgers today. 

Do you mean that Rodgers is saving this team from collapse, and that the talent around him is insufficient? 

There's more than enough talent on this team to be 6-2 right now, injuries or not. Aaron Rodgers is still an MVP caliber player, the problem is coaching. McStupidface is content to run this team into a brick wall; doing the same things week after week, year after year. McCarthy is an incredibly overrated coach. He's no better than Mike Sherman, not in any respect. Considering how awful Mike Sherman's GM was (himself), you can make a strong case that McCarthy is an inferior coach (and don't get me wrong, Mike Sherman sucked ass). It's a shame this team won a playoff game last year, TT probably would have fired McCarthy if he lost that WC game.

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Ok- I agree with that. When a team isn't ready to play, it's on the coaches. 

I have gone back and forth on this subject- if McCarthy's time has come. I guess I just don't understand why a guy who used to be so ahead of the game, so innovative, and right there with the best coaches in the game suddenly loses it. Last year the play-calling debacle it was "They miss Jordy"... this year not much has changed. 

And I go back to that Bleacher Report article- is Rodgers seeing ghosts? Today's game Rodgers was passing on the early look to buy time- is it just to get bigger plays? Is it a rift and he's making a point? Is he just stubborn? How many times did he simply choose not to throw in rhythm? I saw a lot of guys that by the design of the play he could have thrown to, and he pulled the ball back and bought time. 

And this is in a nutshell what's going on. They trot out 11 personnel and throw the ball 10-11 times to a pedestrian TE duo. Try some Ace... not much better. Go 5 wide and mix things up and they damn near come back. The rhythm throws suddenly start reaping rewards. 

The defense obviously isn't good enough to win like Seattle. They need their so-called leaders and best players to be as advertised. Coaches and players included. It's a total collapse that will fall on McCarthy, but I think it is just as much on Rodgers. They aren't going to fire Rodgers...

The defense failed yet again today to make a key stop when it mattered.  Indy converts on 3rd down and it was game over.  That's a running theme. 

The score might have looked close but it wasn't.   Packers were badly outmatched and honestly played without much emotion and intensity.  

Cue up another Colt 

"In my opinion that sucked" 



We have a very talented team, we have a HOF QB (that is in a slump), good young talent at WR with Ty Montgomery, Randall Cobb, Davante Adams, Jordy Nelson  (for another year or so) and Trevor Davis.  One of the best offensive lines in the league.  There is a question at TE, hopefully Jarred Cook can get healthy but not much after him.  Rodgers can catch the ball but blocks worse than I do.  Eddie Lacy when healthy if a credible threat a RB and Rip is improving at FB. 

On Defense we have a good set of young CB's and Safety's.  Yes they miss tackles and get beat on occasion but will improve.  I like the new set if ILB's, for the first time in a few years that is not a glaring weakness.  The D Line is tough against the run and can get some pressure. 

We have the talent to compete.


The Coaching staff from top to bottom.  Today is a prime example for what has been going since the Super Bowl run.  We open the game in a Special Team formation that is either wrong or not executed correctly and it led to the first TD.  Did the guys not know where they were supposed to be or were they just not disciplined enough to be where they needed to be.  Receivers and not where they are supposed to be.  Is Jeff Janis so dumb or is it because the coaches are using him wrong.  We have a 250 lb running back that we only use 15 times a game instead of getting him carries to wear out the D.  Is it Aaron who is deciding to throw everything 30-40 yards down field on 3rd and short or is it  game plan.  Why is it that we always seem to burn a time out because the offense isn't ready, why we always seem to snap the ball with 1 second on the play clock.  Why do we drop 8 in coverage on downs that we should be aggressive on.  Why do we isolate our young corners instead of finding ways to help them.  We have enough talent to get a pass rush but can't get there against bad O lines.  Our special teams have too many penalties, give up too many big returns and never seem to get the blocking needed to return kicks.  If it was only one or two games it could be explained as bad games but this has been consistent for 6 years now.

This is on the McCarthy and the coaches.  We need to start building an offense and defense that utilizes the skills of the players we have instead of forcing an game plan that does not fit.  We need coaches that are ready to get on "ANY" player that is not performing as they should.  We are predicable, and most teams have figured out how to beat us.  It is only our talent that keeps us from losing more than we do.

I have never criticized McCarthy before on here but I think he has run his course as Packer coach.  We need fresh blood and new ideas.  

I will root for a Packer win every weekend this year but I would not be disappointed if we don't make the playoffs this year.  I'd like to see a higher draft pick and new blood brought in next year.  I am still a Thompson fan, I think he is the one of the best personal people in the NFL.  Maybe he could be a bit more active in FA (I wanted Matt Forte) but he does a great job for the most part.  

Sorry for the rant but this is disappointing. 

I don't know who should be brought in. I just know the people they have coaching this team now are completely in over their heads right now. There's no excuse for this team being 4-4, there's too much talent on this roster for that BS record. I'll be thrilled if McCarthy can get off the mat and prove me wrong, but I seriously doubt that's going to happen.

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A wonder coach??  We don't need a wonder coach, we need to break from the status quo that has exists today.  We need to break from the same stubborn game plans start changing what we do and how we utilize the players we have.  If being an "owner" gave any input I would look for a defensive minded Head Coach and get a young offensive coordinator to innovate and invigorate the offense.  We don't need Gruden, Dungy or Cowher.

slowmo posted:

Perhaps those who call for firing MM can identify the candidate who will replace him.  No, it won't be Cowher, Gruden, or Dungy...they aren't leaving the broadcast booth.  Harbaugh?? Not leaving Michigan, his alma mater, 2 years in (unless he wins a national championship this year).

So who is the wonder coach to be brought in?

The argument of those that have no argument. 

Because all of you were calling for MM to get the gig when we wanted Sherman out.  

No, we don't know who the best candidates are right now.  That doesn't disqualify the argument that MM isn't doing a good and should be replaced.  

If I'm managing a sales team and the supervisor sucks, I don't need to know who his \ her replacement will be to determine he\ she isn't performing at a level I deem acceptable. 

Tschmack posted:

The defense failed yet again today to make a key stop when it mattered.  Indy converts on 3rd down and it was game over.  That's a running theme. 

The score might have looked close but it wasn't.   Packers were badly outmatched and honestly played without much emotion and intensity.  

Cue up another Colt 

"In my opinion that sucked" 


Capers called the safety blitz which worked almost perfectly until HHCD failed to make the tackle.

I just don't know if its coaching and/or playcalling...when I see AR missing guys that he should have hit.  It's a quick hit offense, or at least it appears that is the way he should be playing it...he had SOOO many open guys that if he followed the design of the play, would work - he either :1. can't do it anymore, 2. has no faith in the system, 3. has no faith in wr's, 4. is not into the game.  At every point in the game, I had said all of those things to myself.  I get a bad game, everybody has them, this felt different, they had the game ON THE TABLE and didn't capitalize, almost like, I will let the other guy do it, and the other guy says it about the first guy and NOBODY does it.  So does the motivation come from the coaches? yes, but the calls are there, I see it, the players are not executing, from 12, to 83 to 21 to 76 to 56 to etc...they all had poor looking plays yesterday.

+HHCD finally playing like a playmaker

+Ryan showing glimpses of a good ILB

+Montgomery showing what an x factor can do for an offense

+Adams showing progress


- losing to a 3-5 Colts team that deserves to be 3-5.  That's a bad omen.  Game wasn't as close as score.

-middle of the D again proving fatal

-OL.  Our OL was getting a lot of praise through 5 or 6 weeks because D's were rushing 2 or 3.  Now that they're sending more, we see that really are average.

-MM.  Glimpses of creativity to bust out of the doldrums and then slipping right back into them.  

 -too many visiting team's fans at Lambeau.  this has become a trend.

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I have missed the majority of the last (2) games because of other commitments. At this point, the Packers have relieved me of the feeling that I NEED to watch every moment of every game. Not that I will not watch, but my dog needed to go out late in the 4th quarter and I was just fine taking him out without even once thinking that I had to get back and see what was going on. It is a positive for me being ok with disconnecting myself and a negative for the Packers.