I have been wanting to post this thread for a couple of weeks now and just haven't been able to get around to it.  Anyhow, I have been wondering what everyone else things of the Badgers chances this year?  I am really on the fence with them because I just don't know what to think of them so far.  

So looking at their schedule this is what I see shaking out:

BYU - a W but it won't be pretty 

@ Iowa for a night game.  I think they take a loss here since it is tough to play at Iowa especially at night

Nebraska - W

@Michigan - A close one but they get the L

Illinois - W

@ NW - they always seem to struggle there but this year they get the W

Rutgers - W

@Penn State - L

Purdue - W

Minnesota - W

I am seeing a 9-3 or 10-2 season I just think the Iowa, Michigan, and PSU games all being on the road will bite them at some point.  I do think it will come down to Iowa or UW going to Indy to take on O$U or PSU.  

To me what will make and break them are the obvious things.  Which Hornibrook will show up? and what they get out of their defense?



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I actually think the Penn State game on the road doesn’t look nearly as tricky as it did when the schedule came out.   Same thing with the game at Northwestern. 

However, the game at the Big House of Horrors will be very tough (always is for this team) and the game at Iowa all of a sudden looks really challenging as it’s now a night game. 

If they split those 4 road games I think that’s an accomplishment.   Losses at Iowa or NW would be worse for the obvious reasons - BT West standings.  

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