Premiership 2016/17. It begins!

From Juergen Klopp:

"The league's super intense, it demands a lot from you," Klopp said of the Premier League. "It's a notch above the Bundesliga.

"Because there are more teams, two cup competitions with replays or two semifinals in the League Cup. Thus, all those teams fighting for the top positions with you are certainly not only throwing with cotton wool balls.

Cotton wool balls.

PackFoo posted:

I still say Spurs are playing the best ball right now...Chelsea should have lost to City...not surprised ManUre beat them. They have been in decline the last month. But the lead may be insurmountable.

Still expecting a Vikings style choking. That's the Spurs way.

MCFC purge has started...officially gone...Bac Sagna, Willy Caballero, Jesus Navas, Gael Clichy, Pablo Zabaleta...

Guessing Yaya may also be gone...and I don't see Denayer coming back from of right now, City's 2 keepers are Bravo and EDS sensation Angus Gunn...although he's way too young IMHO to be anything more than a cup keeper at the moment.  We also have no FB...

Pep better hope his off-season plans come to fruition...we've shed a ton of salaries, but also a ton of PL experience.

Transfer window for MCFC starts off with a bang...signed AS Monaco MF Bernardo Silva who absolutely destroyed them twice this year. Also looking like they will sign Monaco RB Benjamin Mendy.

If you can't beat'em...

Signing Silva tells me two things...they know they are better when they have a healthy David Silva in the middle...and this kid is a younger version. It also tells me they are concerned Ilkay Gundogan will ever stay fit an entire season.

If rumors are true, Monsour has approved 300M euro budget for this season.

It's fukking crazy. They obviously needed a new keeper, so I guess go get the next David De Gea. Now they are talking Mendy and Kyle Walker at FB, Bonucci at CB, and Alexis as LW.

We heard a lot of rumors last year, and all that happened outside of Sane and Gundogan was that ter Stegen got a raise, we got Barca's dung heap #2 keeper, and LaPorte and Bonucci got massive raises with their home clubs.

We're becoming ManUre... we need help badly, but not sure about this much coin being spent...

New co-worker we just hired...originally from Togo, big soccer fan...although he's a ManUre guy which may be problematic for me... cat, spent his 1st 15 years in Togo, dad is a doctor, emigrates to Ireland where he spends the next 15 he ends up in California.

When it cools down below 98, I'm going to wear my Ghana scarf to work.

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