By the time I tuned in, there was about 10 minutes or so remaining in the 4th qtr.
I also watched the Pack/Bores game following (Thanksgiving 2015).
It was fun to watch both of them, but the poor audio quality was aggravating.

The most interesting thing to me was the defensive scheme in Green Bay really hasn't changed much. ILB was a weak point way back then, and still is today. 
During the Bears game, Collinsworth remarked that they were targeting Nate Palmer ( remember him? ) , as he was the 'weak spot' in the defense.
Sound familiar?

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Watched the 2011 season opener vs the Saints last night, but missed the Superb Owl vs the Steelers today. I did see lots of highlights today, though.

The big thing that stood out to me was how dynamic the WRs were in that era. Jennings was so fluid, Jordy was entering his prime, and Driver was very dependable in his role. And all of them were very sure-handed; I saw many instances where they were literally snatching  the ball out of the air.

I had forgotten how good the OL was. Lang and Sitton on the inside, Cliffy and Bulaga on the outside, and Wells was playing very well. 
Collinsworth mentioned Sherrod (1st round pick that year, albeit at #32) a couple of times, saying he just "wasn't ready" to compete at the NFL-level, that Cliffy had beaten him out during TC and it wasn't even close, but was still expected to be his eventual replacement.

Also, IIRC, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth during that 2011 pre-season about the starting offense playing very little (to none?), and how it didn't bode well for the team, blah, blah, blah.
During his post-game presser, Rodgers made some kind of 'snarky' remark about how the game might have gone "if they had only been able to play during PS". 


2011 had a lockout. Brees and the Saints held informal workouts - that's what Rodgers was referencing - while Rodgers and the Packers did not. I recall much hand-wringing about this at the time.

During the lockout, which lasted from mid-March through near the end of July, players couldn't go into team facilities, see team doctors or even communicate with their coaches, and there was no free agency and training camp.

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Just watched most of Packers at Vikes (MNF  Oct. 2009) and not sure why.
That game was as butt ugly as butt ugly can be.
Rodgers was sacked 8(!) times, 2 TOs, and 7 penalties. Offense produced only 16 points\, and 9 of those came in the last 3 minutes of the game. Defense shut down their rush, yet let Bernard Barrian and Sydney Rice (who?) toast them receiving. 
It was 21-14 at the half including the Matthews TD, 28-14 5 minutes into the 3rd qtr, and was pretty much over with at that point.

Seeing the injuries that the Pack came into that game with, and the ones that occurred during, makes it hard to believe they would be Superb Owl Champs just a year later. With an even more injured team!

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