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@Maynard posted:

Yeah, I did that...and not sure what to think about Uecker after some of the stuff Norm and Artie claimed he said.  I hope it was them exaggerating.

If what they said is true, I'm worried that he's eventually going to forget to hit the cough button and say something that will get him in trouble.

I'd love to hear the actual Uecker/Drysdale story that Lange couldn't even tell to Howard Stern.

@Goalline posted:

Did you and I hear different stories about the Uke or did you just dislike the cursing.

It's not the swearing. It's the lewd comments about women. Uecker supposedly would hit the cough button and say things like "look at the tits on that whore." There was also a comment about how he called his co-star on Mr. Belvidere was a "huge fu**ing fa*" EKB posted the link above.

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