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We did it!!  69 pages.  Glad I could be a pat of x4 history.  My hot take:

Rodgers gets his contract reworked to guarantee his 2021 and 2022 salaries, with some guarantees in 2023 if Rodgers wants to stay.  We win the Super Bowl in 2021 but things deteriorate in 2022 due to major cap issues leading to the release of a handful of very good players that offseason.  Rodgers declines to stay in 2023 and Love becomes the starter.  Love goes 6-10 in 2023, is a pro bowler in 2024 and we win another Suer Bowl in 2025!  He wins MVP in 2026 and accepts a below market deal because winning is more important than money.  We then go on a ten year run where we win 4 more Super Bowls.  When Love turns 37, the GM drafts a QB in the first round.  X4 then has another 69 page thread titled "Love Wants A New Contract".  Mark it down!

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