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From today's Press-Gazette:

Rashan Gary might be forcing his way onto the field.

Halfway through his second NFL season, the No. 12 overall pick from the 2019 draft is starting to translate potential into solid play for the Green Bay Packersโ€™ defense.

That was evident in the Packersโ€™ drab 24-20 defeat of the one-win Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday. The Packers were unimpressive in the win, but Garyโ€™s play deserved some notice.

His pass-rush skills have grown since his rookie season and he has shown the kind of hustle that has to thrill defensive coordinator Mike Pettine. Gary played well enough against the Jaguars that Pettine should feel comfortable with Gary taking more snaps off Zaโ€™Darius Smith and Preston Smith without feeling like itโ€™s hurting the Packers'โ€™ defense.

This guy was a ghost today - did he get hurt?

No. He wasnโ€™t. He made several good stops against the run in the first half and was also getting decent push (one IIRC led to the Kenny Clark sack) and I also believe he forced at least one holding penalty as well.  

Gary plays well on a fast track. Heโ€™s continuing to improve and really should be taking more playing time away from Preston.

@packerboi posted:

Gary plays well on a fast track. Heโ€™s continuing to improve and really should be taking more playing time away from Preston.

Agree & disagree.

Yes Gary should be on the field. He is improving.

Preston needs to rush the passer & seal the edge (which he hasn't been fantastic at) - not covering TE's 20 yards down the field FFS.

Prestons problem is mostly Pettine

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Preston Smith in multiple games now has incorrectly crashed down in the pocket allowing RB's to go whizzing by as well. He didn't do that last year. He was way more disciplined at maintaining his lane and setting the edge in 2019.

It's been frustrating as hell watching that week after week. Gary has also been fairly solid of late against the run too. He's more athletic and more capable at this point to stuff the run vs Smith.   

Gary has earned more time, period

@Pakrz posted:

Say what you want about Gary and his production but he offers way more to the football team than Love, Dillon, Deguara and Nobody (Traded 4th rounder) combined.  The 2020 draft was damn near criminal.

Gute appears to have found a gem in Runyan. Maybe thatโ€™s the other front office executive in Monty who came from the Ravens who was well know for finding OL who should get the credit but regardless that sixth round pick looks very good right now.

We have simply no idea what the Packers have in Love, Dillon and Degura. And likely wonโ€™t for another 1-2 years.

@BrainDed posted:

Iโ€™ve been screaming this into an abyss for a month.   Preston Smith sucks this year and Gary needs to play in his place.  

I hated the Gary pick and trashed him relentlessly for a year.  If I can admit heโ€™s playing well, better than P, why canโ€™t ABM?

Preston Smith ran a 4.74 at his combine in 2015.

Rashan Gary ran a 4.61 at his combine in 2019.

Gary was faster at the same age than P. Smith and I'm guessing it's more likely P. Smith has lost more of hit top-end speed in 5 years than Gary has in 1. If you are going to misuse a pass-rushing edge guy in coverage at least go with the faster guy.