Lambeau Lobo posted:

I'm thrilled with the way things went yesterday.  I thought Gute was fantastic.  For moving down four spots in the first round and a third rounder, we got a player that we wanted from the beginning--there's a good chance that he's the pick at 14 if we stay--and we picked up an extra first and some picks in the later rounds.  That's fantastic.  It was Belichick-esque, minus the monotone press conference.  

As for Alexander, I think he's a great addition.  A pure cover corner who is also a dynamic returner and plays with an attitude.  We need help in all of those areas.  And he's immediately one of the best athletes on the team.  

The size doesn't bother me.  Wolf instituted the "no-CB-shorter-than-six-feet" rule after Moss absolutely owned us. It continued to make sense with Calvin Johnson in the division.  But those guys are gone,and recent history tells us that shorter CBs can also dominate (see, e.g., Revis, who is 5'11" and Chris Harris, who is 5'10").   We also have a CB in King that has the ability to take any large WRs if there is a match-up problem. 

My only concern is the injury history, but those seem to be random injuries rather than long-term injuries that could linger.  

Worth a bump.

Herschel posted:

Shades of Ahmad Carroll with an injury history.


YooperPackfan posted:

Thanks for the smurf Gute  

Packdog posted: