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@PackerHawk posted:

 Enter AJ Dillon... 

Dillon should help on short yardage and more
Here's Vic talking about what AJ Dillon brings to the PASSING game

Matt from Minneapolis, MN
Dillon and Jones: "Thunder and Lightning." I know we all love a catchy nickname but, in reality, what does having a "Thunder and Lightning" backfield do to a defense? What are the benefits other than it sounds neat?
It allows you to dictate to the defense. When you go big, they have to go big, too. When you go small and quick, they have to do the same. Having a running back with the size and power Dillon possesses will keep a linebacker on the field. The defense doesn't dare get light in the pants up front with Dillon in the game, or the Packers will pound. We saw that with Eddie Lacy. This is why I say you're not really running the ball if you're not running it with power. The defenders a defense uses to stop a speed back are the same defenders it uses to defend against the pass.
The big back opens up the passing game. Scheme personnel, not schemes.