Herschel posted:

Starks David Tyree'd the 2010 Super Bowl run, for which I'm thankful, but he's never been very good otherwise. His best season was 600 yards and averaged 4ypc under half his seasons. He's been a fine backup, but not a lead runner.

Judged as the 7th round pick he was, he was a huge success.

Judged as someone you expected to be a Pro Bowl RB, he wasn't.

If two of these 3 RBs drafted end up contributing as much as Starks, I'll be happy.


Bulls through running lanes crashing into blockers rather than shifting with the contours. Doesn't have athleticism to create early yardage for himself. Missing a functional jump cut for sudden shift from gap to gap once line of scrimmage muddies. Hit or miss with run lanes he chooses. 

Remarkably accurate draft analysis. Reminds me a bit of Brandon Jackson- fine when you get him the ball in space and pretty good in pass pro but not much as a runner.