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ammo posted:
michiganjoe posted:

Coaches/QB have done a poor job of keeping Jones properly involved in the offense with Davante back.

Maybe we shopuld trade Davante during the off season and get all we can for him.  LB, OT depth, DL depth.  Then AR12 has to look elsewhere. 

That elsewhere would be California.

I would hope a 3rd year player catching passes from an NFL HOFer performs better than rookie WRs who may/may not have great QB play and had no real offseason to prepare for the season. Leroy knows what he's talking about of course, but I think it's premature to make any judgements about any team. Usually a month/4 games is a good benchmark to see what a team and players are actually doing. 

I think LeRoy's correct in terms of MVS' impact vs. a rookie WR. It's even more the case during the COVID19 situation, since there were no preseason games to work through things in live reps. Other than QB, WR probably requires the most adjustments from college to pros in terms of the mental part of things. Something like DL, it's more just line up and beat your guy. Route running by WRs is a precise process and requires adjustments during the play based on what coverage you are getting. 

I would argue that the question isn't whether they should have drafted a WR/TE instead of Love. It's whether they should have drafted DL/ILB instead of Love. 

If Rodgers continues to play at this level, it will be interesting to hear (in about 10 years when they do those sort of retrospective interviews) whether Gute/MLF expected Rodgers to play like he has the last 2 games, and if they didn't, would have still have drafted Love. 

Hereโ€™s how I look at it. Even in a normal season, with rookie OTAs, then regular OTAs, a June minicamp, a full pre season and a normal training camp, rookie WRs, including those taken in the first 3 rounds rarely produce a lot or are that impactful. Yes, there are exceptions to that but letโ€™s face it unless you are drafting a Randy Moss or a Mike Evans HIGH in the first its a rare reality teams will see.

Now letโ€™s look at a Covid offseason. These WRs had virtually NONE of the above. Just maybe MLF and Gute knowing this felt it was almost pointless taking a WR who almost certainly would not grasp this offense with no offseason vs MVS, Allison etc who knew it and whoโ€™s ceiling was still high. 

@Boris posted:

The framing of this argument is ludicrous.  

If you're drafting for THIS year (which he strongly implies by comparing MVS to a rookie WR), then Love is an even worse pick than a WR, and the comparison should be drafting Love vs drafting Patrick Queen, or a DL, etc.