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Jones and Monty.  Both are needed.

It seems pretty clear to me Monty is trying to "think like a RB" instead of just ripping off runs like he was last year.  I'm sure there is a bunch of technique he is trying to implement and he will need work but the guy is a baller.  As others have stated, Jones is used to the position.  The two of them in tandem will make the run game a constant contributor.   

fightphoe93 posted:

At the very least, Jones has shown that once Montgomery is back, he doesn't need to handle the full workload.  One thing that has been pretty obvious since Montgomery has moved to RB is that he can get knocked out of games a little bit easier than some other starting RBs in the league.   A top backup is necessary and Jones looks more than capable so far.  

I'm not sure he is the back up.  We'll see!

Tdog posted:

I'll say it cuz I believe my eyes - Aaron Jones is the best RB on the team.  I thought he was the best rookie in TC ...

I agree, Tdog.
I try to keep in mind that although we have seen very little of Williams, even during the pre-season, the coaches see him every day, etc. etc., and I should trust their judgement. 
But he has done next to nothing when he has played, with largely the same blocking as Jones. The OL certainly haven't been road graders, but Jones is able to find enough of a hole to make some good runs.
I think there is a lesson in there somewhere.

He's getting as many touches in the last several weeks as 88 was getting before he injured himself out of the lineup.  33 doesn't need more touches.  They just need to keep his involvement more regular throughout the game, not feast or famine.  Keep pounding him and he'll be done by Dec. and we'll be talking about Mays/Montgomery.  Kareem Hunt is getting 20 touches a game and it'll be interesting to see if Reid continues with that through 16wks. 

What do you do with 88?  move him around more like they used to occasionally do with Cobb, but more carries. 

I just don't see a ton of similarity with Monty and B. Jackson.   At his absolute best, Jackson was an assignment sure good teammate type guy who was a decent receiver out out of the backfield and solid in pass pro when he stayed in to block which was often.   Monty has shown some skills that Jackson never had, I mean there is no way in Hades Brandon Jackson was ever going to be playing WR and yet Monty has played it before and probably can again. 

Jackson was definitely better in pass pro than Monty and maybe stayed healthier than Monty, but Monty is definitely more skilled as a receiver overall.  As a RB, at times Monty showed more promise than Jackson, but he does have trouble staying healthy which has stunted development.

Pack-Man posted:

Marijuana should be legalized, and I don't care if any players use it (how could I fault them for it? ), but I don't think he should be out driving a car while stoned. I do mind that. He can afford a ride.

And given he was busted for a DUI in college (2016) and given diversion, apparently getting high or stoned before driving is no big thing to him.