hate the Yankees, would love to see Astros Vs Nationals.......sick the Crew isn’t playing but DO NOT WANT THE YANKEES in again.  Ugh.    And can I just say doesn’t fox have ANY OTHER ANNOUNCERS BESIDES JOE DOE???   

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Nice Game One last night! Humbling Cole was no easy accomplishment. Next up Strasberg vs Verlander. Another pitcher's duel, and aren't they all? I think The Nationals win the World Series in 5. You have got to love the heart of the Astro's, though! Altuve and Springer can change the game with one swing. 

Game two started off like it was a shoot out. 2 runs by Washington and then Houston answered with 2 of their own in the bottom of the 1st inning. Pretty even game until the 7th inning when Washington turned on the run machine. Winning two games against the Astros in Houston had to be beyond expectations for Martinez. Now his team needs only two more wins to win it all. Next three games are in Washington. I think Houston will win one of the first two and Washington wins the Championship on Sunday. 

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Is it me or can Joe Buck....sound any more sickening......

I watched a lot of game 7 with the sound off. When I turned the sound on, I heard Buck second guessing Hinch for not getting Gerritt Cole into the game. After all, Buck knows so much more than any manager in the game, today.

For the life of me I’ll never understand why good teams pull this shit?  

The Patriots are really good without having to resort to cheating.  Same thing with the Astros. 

The league(s) need to send a message that this isn’t OK.  Perhaps a postseason ban for a year or two? 

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