It’s not often you are going to see Taylor held to 80 yards and 3 yards per rush, but it’s really encouraging to know the rest of the team can step up and deliver.  

Pretty amazing how well the defense has played - 4 shutouts in what, 6 games?  Unbelievable.  The pick 6 basically broke the spirit of the Spartans.  

Keep it rolling 

Blair Kiel posted:
GBFanForLife posted:

He has Wisconsin Big Ten blood in him, going to another Big Ten team doesn't seem like something he would want to do.

Here’s $5 million 

Change your mind?

Here's 20 million over the next 4 years. 

Leonhard makes 600K a year. 

That changes some minds

From Pat Forde - In trademark Wisconsin fashion, the Badgers are trying their best to stay blasé about this overwhelming first half of the season. The Wisconsin State Journal reported that linebacker Chris Orr called the defense “The Goose Egg Gang” Saturday, a hokey and benign attempt at a nickname. It prompted the following response from fellow linebacker Zack Baun: “That’s not a thing. Don’t let him start that. Don’t let him do that. We don’t need a nickname.”


EC Pack posted:

He's a small town kid from Tony.  I would think between his playing days and coaching, he's financially secure and hope that the Wisconsin blood is thicker than any water. 

How old is Chryst?  Maybe line him up to take over for him... 

Chryst is 53.  In my world it would be the perfect transition if Leonard will stick around that long.  I think that someone eventually will come calling to see if he would want to leave and take over a program.  It would suck if he did I just hope he wouldn't go to another BIG program.

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