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Sorry, no pithy title.  Anyone watching this shit-show??   10 minutes into the game and there are 4 turnovers, a defensive touchdown followed by a missed extra point, and proof that RG3 isn't an NFL caliber QB anymore.

Bet the NFL is glad this game is tucked in the middle of the day.  NBC's Christmas Tree lighting telecast tonight will be better.

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@Timmy! posted:

What's the deal with Lamar Jackson?
Injury or Covid casualty?

I forgot there was a game today.

Ravens COVID-19 list

  • Quarterbacks: Lamar Jackson
  • Running backs: Mark Ingram, J.K. Dobbins, Patrick Ricard (FB)
  • Wide receiver: Willie Snead
  • Tight end: Mark Andrews
  • Offensive line: Patrick Mekari, Matt Skura, Will Holden
  • Defensive line: Calais Campbell, Justin Madubuike
  • Linebackers: Matthew Judon, Parnell McPhee, Jihad Ward
  • Cornerbacks: Terrell Bonds (IR)
  • Safety: Geno Stone
  • Long snapper: Morgan Cox
@pkr_north posted:

quite a list, would be real pissed off if i was a raven fan, steelers slow played that at the end of the half there, cost them points - hey if ref's dont' call it....which reminds me, the refs suck real bad this year, or is it just me; i mean, i guess they are human...

Ridiculous. 23 seconds when that play ended. They allowed 15 seconds to burn while Steelers refused to get up off the pile. On a goal line running play. Someone must really need Pitts to go undefeated to literally prevent pts from going on the board.

@Hungry5 posted:


I don't know that I'd support it as a permanent, but extra games/extra days of NFL has been enjoyable this season. A number of weeks this year have featured games coinciding with Packers games that I would like to watch without flipping back and forth for 3 hrs. Not to mention, those who still fork over the $$$ for Sunday Ticket don't actually get their money's worth when 20+ teams are confined to two time slots.