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I've always found this site an excellent resource for all kinds of information, thought I'd give this a try since I'm a bit stumped.

My 38 year old brother is getting married for the first time on the beach in October and I'm in charge of the bachelor party. Groom Boy has given me specific orders that we will NOT be partaking in Hookers, Strippers, Lap Dances or the like.

However, beer, drinks, cigars, other manly fun - all fair game. We're kind of short on time and only have a Thursday evening after 8pm available.

He lives between St. Pete and Clearwater in the Seminole/Largo area. I've been down their the last two years for Packer games and got to know the area pretty well but not well enough in this case.

I've considered just heading down to Ybor, but I'm wondering if I'm missing out on some good ideas. Any suggestions?

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Channelside could be a good time, but it might be too spendy and too many elitests. I'm partial to the South Tampa bars. The Dubliner is good, outdoor beer garden-type atmosphere, cheap beer prices, packed with people perfusely sweating and drinking. Lots of bars in that vicinity too within walking distance. What are you planning for dinner?

@El-Ka-* - oddly enough he did not rule out mermaids. Where do we put our dollar bills on a mermaid or do they take Sand Dollars?

@Blair - We're not gay, but we try hard. I have noticed I've tripled the number of lesbian friends I have since heading down to that area.

@OW - Nice tips. I know my bro wakeboards in the Channelside area so that might work out well. Thanks also for "The Dubliner" suggestion I think we are going to try and head over that way. That's definitely our type of place. Dinner is tough, just because we are short on time and people are coming in from all over the country. (dinner is still TBD)

At this point we're leaning towards hanging out at Caddy's on the Beach in Treasure Island and then perhaps have a limo pick us up around 9pm and then hit some of the other bars in that area and then over to South Tampa and/or Ybor.

Problem with the limo is we have 17 guys right now and the limo I found (in our price range) holds 16. Although we have a couple a seniors that might be ready for bed by 9pm so it might all work out.

I appreciate the tips and the laughs.
Just saw this. Personally, Ybor bugs the **** out of me but then I'm not a big "club" guy. First off, start at Cigar City Brewing in the tasting room. Incredible beers. That's right over in Tampa not far from South Tampa, which is overrated IMO. Dunedin is a good place for some pubbin' and Dunedin Brewery is up there as well. Gulfport is great for eats but Downtown St. Pete has more character than that phony bs scene in South Tampa.

Either way, start at Cigar City. Caddy's is fun but I wouldn't waste my time with other beach bars. If it was me I would go Cigar City (get a few growlers for the limo), Dunedin, Ozona/Palm Harbor pubs (Molly Goodhead's), cruise to South Tampa (growlers in hand) and finish up in douchey Ybor.

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