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Berggren begat Kaminsky begat Happ. The point being that we heard the year before Kaminsky broke out how much trouble he was giving Berggren in practice and then that Happ was holding his own against Frank. Maybe Ford is the next guy in line, but other than Kaminsky who didn't break out until he was a junior, the other guys tend to break out the second year in the program (whether as sophomores or redshirt freshman). That didn't happen for anyone this year and it's a huge concern. 

Happ, Iverson, and Trice are the obvious starters next year with Trice being the only outside shooter you'd trust at this point. It will be real test of Gard's ability as based on what seems to be coming back, they will be hard-pressed to finish over .500 let alone keep their NCAA streak alive. 

I would like to see a big man brought in.    Someone tough bruiser to complement Happ and also to allow Van Villet to roam outside more on offense.   I think we are stuck with Iverson, Pritzl, Trice, and Hill as our guards.  Agree that Trice is the only deep ball shooter I'd trust right now....but last year Hill was confident and did hit some and Pritzl (from what I've heard) is an excellent outside shooter, too.  (or was an excellent outside shooter).

A big guy that can come in and rebound and play D and make a few shots here and there would be nice.

El-Stalker-Bong posted:

With Gard considering a grad transfer, I'm curious if he would target a guard or a big man.  I like Trice, but man did he fade down the stretch.  Couple that with Vitto and Hayes gone, I'm not sure what Bucky would look for.  

I have some hope for Trice. I think he just hit the freshman wall and the big stages was a little too much for him at that point. Most of his minutes should have been Jordan Hill's, but Hill just couldn't get on the floor. 

If Happ develops any kind of outside shot (even Nigel Hayes level 3 point shooting would be a huge improvement, he may set a Badger record for points per game next year. He should easily average 20-25 shots per game. 

El-Stalker-Bong posted:

I think Pritzl becomes the top 3 point threat for Bucky next year

He was 5 for 21 this year on often wide open shots playing off of Koenig and Showalter. 

Maybe he gains some confidence, but the last several games he played he was passing up wide open shots. He didn't embarrass himself on defense, but he looked like a deer in the headlights during the tournament on the offensive end. 

21 shots might be a small sample.  

It's a really small sample for a guy who was out of basketball last year and playing himself into shape this year.  A summer of prep, strength and conditioning, and I see BP really improving for Bucky next year.  As long as his feet don't fail him, he has a real chance to be the breakout player next year.  

Davidson might be the freshman that gets playing time (ahead of Reuvers).  Kid can shoot too.  

Alex I is the guy who really seems like he forgot how to play basketball.  If he or Charlie Thomas can figure out anything, it will help immensely next year.  

Pikes Peak posted:

He needs to stay out of foul trouble to consistently get that many shots per game.

what happened to Charlie Thomas?    Last year it looked like he had something to contribute, this year a no show.

17 turnovers in 177 minutes without being a primary ball handler. Couldn't trust him on the floor.

El-Stalker-Bong posted:

21 shots might be a small sample.  

It's a really small sample for a guy who was out of basketball last year and playing himself into shape this year.  A summer of prep, strength and conditioning, and I see BP really improving for Bucky next year.  As long as his feet don't fail him, he has a real chance to be the breakout player next year.  

I hope you're right. Showalter was 4-24 from 3 his first two years and turned into a great 3 point shooter, so there is precedent. 

The Badgers will be young, especially at G. There were stretches when Trice was outplaying Koenig- I think this year has really prepared him for the future. He's got no to be great. 

Pritzl just needs the off-season. As was mentioned, he was thrown in and acquitted himself well. The shot will come- he's a natural. 

And then there's Iverson. Everything about his struggles is about confidence. My hope is that the missed dunk opportunity in that Florida game is the thing that pushes him. He's a physically imposing guy- take it to the next level kid. You can't teach the things this kid can do...

I am sure many Badgers fans (myself included) are heartbroken with that finish the other night.  But, as we all know watching UW over the years is when we don't expect much from them they surprise us.  I for one didn't expect a sweet 16 run this year even though they had some great senior leadership.

I also think I am in the minority when I think that Gard is going to be just fine.  I know it is tough being the guy to come after a buy like Bo but from everything I hear and read the players genuinely like the guy and I do think he can coach.


Trice has good offensive skills.  I just worry about his ability to defend.  He's on the smaller side for a guard and the Badgers have usually favored bigger guys at that position. 

Not worried about Priztl. He's got the tools to be successful and has a decent background. I expect him to make a leap next year in his progression. 

No idea what to think about Iverson or Illiakainen at this point.   Hopefully they can improve. 

The class coming in (including King) might be the best they've had in recent history so if they can piece it together they could be pretty good in 2018. 

Paris brought a lot to the program, he is a big loss.  Speculating, if they keep it in the family, his replacement could be Sharif Chambliss, Tanner Bronson, Freddie Owens, Tracy Webster or Rob Jeter.  This is a lucrative assistant position, Gard will have a pretty good pool to pick from.  Not sure who the best recruiter in the bunch is, but all are well regarded.  

MichiganPacker posted:

I really thought Jordan Hill would contribute more this year. He showed flashes last year after Gard replaced Ryan and got him some regular minutes, but he never really capitalized on that momentum.

Yup, I felt the same way. He is never going to be a great player, and with the influx of guard talent coming in and the expected development of Pritzl who is a much better shooter and athlete, he was done. Good call, Music City.

The future just got even brighter. Trevor Anderson has transfered from UW_Green Bay to Madison.  Anderson was Mr. Basketball of Wisconsin in 2016. He will need to sit out the 2017-18 season but will have 3 years of eligibility after that.  

Brad Davison of Osseo Minnesota has also committed.  He is the #20 point guard according to 247 Sports and a 4 star recruit from Scout. 

Things are looking better everyday. 

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