All this time we should have been listening to the sliced meat company

For NY, yes. Overall? Probably that too. Time to breath easy? Not a chance. There are areas of the country where it is just getting started. I fear people will let their guard down due to positive news from NY and NO, and while the numbers will not be shocking day in day out, we are still weeks, (end of May) away from the possibility of getting back to some semblance of normalcy.

How to make your own facemask, without sewing. I used a bandana and rubber bands because i did not have a handkerchief or hair twisties. It works pretty good. Also if your sewing them and cant find elastic material for the ear connectors I heard/read some bungee cords (not the solid rubber ones) with some cloth type outer covering may have numerous elastic strands inside? Worth a try. Anyway, here's the link to make your own facemask without sewing:

skully posted:

Pretty amazing how there is always a trillion dollars just laying around whenever corporations need to be bailed out, but there is never any money when children need healthcare or a simple school lunch.      

The same companies that bought back their own stock instead of saving cash for a rainy day, now get bailed out when it does rain. That's really American capitalism. Privatize all the upside and socialize on the risk for big corporations. 

Of course, a lot of us do have 401Ks so some of that does trickle down to us, but the big gains are mostly concentrated at the top.