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At least outdoor stadiums have the hope of the virus getting diminished by the air, but domes don't have that luxury.  And the fact that these players are on top of each other, spitting, breathing heavy, yelling doesn't help--all  super-spreader activities.  Baseball is about as socially distant as you can get in a sport and they had issues, so no surprise football will at some point.

It was laughable that the NFL was touting all their success related to COVID19.  While there may not be fans, there is still travel to numerous locations where the virus is running rampant.  And letโ€™s be honest - do you really believe most players will make good decisions?  

Without a bubble like the NBA and NHL these cases are inevitable.   The Vikings are probably happy at this point. Cancel the season and it gives them a pass on what a shit team they have!! 

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Even in a โ€œtypicalโ€ flu season a number of players get it even when they wash their hands and wash their butt. Itโ€™s really really hard to stop a virus. I am glad for all the testing and often same day results. I agree with others who suggested that early byes could be added to the schedule for teams with positive results. I hope itโ€™s enough. I would hate to see a season cancelled at this point.

Thatโ€™s the thing

Baseball can get away with it because of double headers.  Football doesnโ€™t have that luxury.    And you start adding weeks to the season it might be March or April before the Super Bowl is played. 

The NFL could have adopted a regional bubble model but my guess is they assumed at some point this season that fans would return hence let them play a normal schedule.  However, unlike baseball, you have a ton of close contact and the rosters are huge.  2-3 cases could turn into 30 very quickly.  And because it takes up to 2 weeks to show up this could go on a long time.   


Another problem football has (especially compared to the NBA but also for MLB to a lesser extent) is that many of the coaches are extremely high risk in terms of comorbidities and/or age. 

Mike McCarthy and Andy Reid are two obvious examples. Even beyond them, Pete Carroll is 69, Belichick is 68, Arians is 68, Mike Zimmer is almost 65.  For the most part, NBA and MLB coaches skew much younger and are much healthier in terms of BMI. 

If the tests are accurate, the league will make decisions on how best to move forward. I'm NOT saying this will happen, but there is the POSSIBILITY of rescheduling games in a situation like this. If that were to happen, the Titans and Vikings could possibly be affected which COULD possibly affect the Texans (MIN at HOU) and the Steelers (PIT @ TEN) planned for this Sunday.

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I'm actually a little impressed the NFL was able to keep it clean for 3 weeks.  I didn't think they had any chance of back in August.  Bummer it hit this week.  

Will be interesting to see what happens from here.  Seems like the NFL wants to continue business as usual and not sure how that's going to work.  NFL didn't leave themselves any wiggle room for canceled games, ie: adding 1 or 2 more bye weeks.  

Hopefully this is a wake up call.  Last week, you had coaches not wearing masks on the sidelines.  And today, apparently there were a few Raiders at a public without masks.