I suspect the Crew will be some kind of buyer this year.  

I have long had infatuations with second basemen, and my feelings for Keston Huira no different.  

So, would I trade him, Corbin Burnes and Freddy Peralta for Jacob Degrom?  In a second.  You can even throw in Corey Ray or Bret Phillips.  You can even have Zach Davies if that helps.  

That being said, the Mets suck as trading partners (even when it works out awesome, like the failed Wheeler/Flores trade).  I still want a hammer in the rotation.  I think Stearns has the BFI to make it work.  

"Rocket Fuel malt liquor. Damn!" 

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Maybe I am overrating him a bit, but last year, I got the feeling Jimmy Nelson was turning into Ace material.  It is absolutely amazing to think this team has the best record in the NL without him throwing a single pitch.  That said, even if he is able to get back to what he had been, it likely won't be until sometime next year or beyond.  It's too bad because I think he could have been the true Ace they are lacking.

I'd be okay with Escobar or Dozier in our infield, even though I don't think that should be our immediate concern. I would like very much if they went after DeGrom or maybe a smaller package deal for someone like Fulmer from the Tigers. His upside is there and is on a down year, so is asking price should be decent. Could catch lightning in a bottle there. 

As far as Lance Lynn, Tyson Ross, JA Happ, thanks. Let the sCrUBS pick them up.

I think the chances of signing Machado are slim (but having two months exclusive negotiating doesn't hurt), but that package is still to heavy.  

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Works if they sign Machado...

If they give up that much you need to get a player under team control for at least 2 years.  I'd pass on Machado. 

It does seem like a lot to give up for Machado,  but what is a postseason run worth?  There comes a point where you can collect all of these prospects - some that may never meet their potential -  but they need to go for it while they can.  The NL is wide open this year and adding a guy like Machado could be enough to make them the team to beat.

Not sure the Baltimore farm system but if they us something additional back in return it might be worth it.   Tough to say as trade rumors are probably a dime a dozen. 

 The question to me is if that package were on the table for deGrom would you pull the trigger?  

I think one way or another, the Brewers do add a bat, it might not be Machado but maybe one of the Twins guys that they are looking at like Dozier.   The more you watch this team, they really do look like they are a bat or 2 short offensively. 

It would certainly help if Shaw and Braun could stay healthy and productive, but especially in Braun's case that may be too much to ask at this point.  Shaw looked very good for awhile but since the wrist started to hamper him he's been very ordinary, and now he's beat up even more after yesterday. 

As a Cubs fan, I can attest to a team giving up a lot to get a lot, even for a rental.  In  2016, the Cubs gave up their #1 prospect and #2 overall MLB prospect to get a rental in Aroldis Chapman.  Gleyber Torres was called up earlier this year by the Yanks and looks like he has the anticipated "star potential" in the making.  But I'd do that trade 100 out of 100 times.  The Cubs gave up a lot in the future, but they don't win the World Series in 2016 without Chapman.

Sometimes to gotta strike when the iron's hot....before the window closes. Too many metaphors? 

I'm completely behind "not getting stupid here". 

I'll trade top prospects for someone I can control (I loved the CY trade for just that reason).

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And the Brewers sat still and did nothing 

but we kept our sure thing prospects 


I will note that no one know what offers were on the table but I really don't have any issue with them standing pat and holding on to assets last season. We all know there were operating 'ahead of schedule.' Also, don't forget they lost Nelson who was one of the top pitchers in the league at the time of his injury in September (and after the deadline).

EDIT: I would also like to add that if the Crew has proven anything during the Mark A. era is that they are not afraid to be aggressive.

Huira, Ortiz, Ray and Philips/Santana.

If Stearns is going to add starting pitching it’s going to be for a 1 or 2. To me,  that’s DeGrom or Archer. They have proven they can find middle or end of rotation starters.  

And yes, it would cost them a lot.  For DeGrom, certainly one if not two of their top three prospects in Hiura or Burnes or Peralta.  And a player ready like Broxton or Arcia or Phillips and maybe another prospect.  Archer probably costs them less but I would imagine Tampa would want Burnes or Peralta and at least one other decent prospect like Ray. 


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