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Should be an absolute dog fight all year for the central.  I think they can do it.  There are going to be nights like that were the offense is just not going to be there, it’s the new age baseball feast or famine.  Hell the twins got to Burnes one mistake and then lucked out 3 2 out singles.  It’s not like there were in fire either.  That’s said dam I like the look of the pitching.  Going to be fun, nice to have baseball back.

@Tschmack posted:

It looks different but man the bats have fallen asleep

Need to get more hits and runs

It's 4 games in, but there are some worrying trends continuing from last year.

Hiura is 0 for 15 with 8 strikeouts and has only reached based on a HBP.

Yelich is 3 for 16 with 9 strikeouts against 1 walk. No extra-base hits.

Normally, you wouldn't worry about 4 games, but after last year's issues both of these guys may start pressing earlier than normal.

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