Anyone remember the club Corey Pavin hit at 18 23 years ago at Shinnecock to win his only major? The club hasn’t been made in years. Extra points if you can name the club his caddie talked him out of hitting. 

Corey shared the story to our group while he challenged us to closest to the pin out of ice plant along side the left side of the 2nd green at Spyglass in a practice round before the AT&T pro am. 

Corey Pavin was always looking for a bet. 

what a great question CHILLIJON,  on the Shinnecock  web site they give the yardage as 485 par 4,     so Cory's drive maybe 250 yards,  that would leave him another 235 to the center of the green....  I'll guess  a 2 wood  

I  had to go out into the garage to find some old wooden woods  Powerbilts

if I put all three woods together  1 ,3, 5,  they are still smaller 

than my  Callaway titanium head Biggest Bertha no wonder players today can hit the ball 300 plus yards.


Corey was always one of the fastest players on tour. And that shot was no exception. As Corey told the story about the talk with his caddie. It went as fast as this:

”What do we have?”

”209 front. 219 to the pin”

”Can I cover it with a 2 iron?”


”4 Wood?”


”4 Wood it is”

2 iron would have been 10 yards short between 2 bunkers and almost impossible to get up and down for par. He was 1 up on 18. 

That 4 wood sits next to his Open Trophy in his home. 

ChilliJon posted:

Funny how some guys are just wired to win US Opens. Curtis Strange. Larry Nelson. Andy North. Brooks Keopka. 

Fleetwood missing his 9 footer on 18 3 hours ago is crazy. 

Looks like Keopka  might win the PGA too, he is up by one on  Tiger and Adam Scott, with 5 to go.

Keopka  -14

Tiger   - 13

Scott  -13 

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