Decent showing vs Colombia...lead 2-1 before the wheels fell off. Still, not bad for a squad in transition. Colombia game to play...all their money guys were in the lineup...Ospina, Falcao, James, Cuadrado.

My guess is Peru will be a similar result...perhaps a bit closer. Peru was on fire a couple years ago, but have seemed to slip back in the back half of CONMEBOL again.

US youngsters had an outstanding match vs Peru...shoulda won 1-0 if not for that dumfuk DeAndre Yedlin brain farting and letting Edison Flores just whizz on by for an easy goal in the 87th minute.

If USMNT gets the right coach, there is enough talent in the 18-23 group to make some serious noise come 2022. We haven't even seen Weah, Weston McKinny and Pulisic on the pitch at once yet.

Goalline posted:

I wouldn't go as far as to say they should have won. Peru had them under siege in the second half and blew a lot of chances, but the young lads played well, and they were really fun to watch.

C'mon got the lead in the 86th should win the effin game.

Hope Berhalter is able to get the most out of these young guys. Not sure I've ever seen this much potential from the US in the 17-23 year old age group.

Forced myself to watch the Debacle at Wembley last night.

Looked like a team lead by a man (Saracen) who gives zero $hits about the job because he knows he's not getting it...either that or he is completely incompetent.

Have no clue WTF they were running...looked like a 4-4-2 or maybe a 5-4-1...the players didn't know. All I know is, their best player was running all over the pitch trying to get the ball back instead of getting in position to score...that's like deciding to make Aaron Rodgers play DB.

Not saying we should or could have won that game, but while vastly improved under Southgate, England isn't exactly Brazil or Spain. 1-0, 2-1 type loss would have been acceptable. Guzan is an absolute trainwreck at GK.

This $hitshow Earnie Stewart has been running needs to get on with it and name their fukking HC (which is Gregg Berhalter BTW, worst kept secret in soccer)...fukk the Columbus Crew...if you are the USMNT HC elect, you should leave your club job and GET TO WORK.

Report from Grant Wahl about Earnie Stewart's "process" is disturbing.

He's reporting Julen Lopetegui was seriously interested in becoming the USMNT HC and Stewart wouldn't even talk to him...told his agent "we are too far along in the process." Also reporting he refused to talk to Tata Martinez and Juan Carlos Osorio.

If Gregg Berhalter is your guy from the jump, that's fine, but don't drag this process out since August 1 under the facade this is some open and fair process designed to vet the best candidate possible.

3-0 win over Panama's B-team...all the goals were by the kids.  Hope it's a sign of things to come, but there were few "oh $hit" moments on defense...something that became a regular occurrence with Arena and Saracen.

Real test won't come till this summer in the Gold Cup...

In a friendly that didn't matter.

A 1-1 draw with Chile nothing to get excited over either, esp with Pulisic out most of the game.

USA fukked up not hiring Tata...Mexico has had better players for a while, but now they have a better tactician. Berhalter was the safe hire...and he will deliver safe results...but they won't be spectacular. 

Getting to the Gold Cup final is about the best US can hope for at this juncture...and that may be an impossible task if they have to face Costa Rica in the knockout stage.

US has a hard time finishing goals against mediocre keepers much less vs Navas.

But hopefully that will change once Wood and Altidore are back and playing the 9.

Tyler Adams a glimmer of hope at RB...Yedlin, a fukking dumpster fire at left. Hoping for maximum fitness come June. USA needs to at least be respectable in the Gold Cup.

US has had its chances on offense, but finishing anywhere in the box looks like it's going to be a problem for this group of young'uns. They need to be more precise with passes into the box to get it to feet, and then the scorers need to be calmer rather than just flailing at the ball. This Guyana game should already be out of reach at the half rather than 1-0. On defense... don't the backs ever talk to each other, especially since they are fairly new to each other? I don't get the wide-open players in the box every game... If they reach the final, it would be an upset!

Jebus this squad looks well solid tonight vs T&T...dare I say they are making PROGRESS? Granted T&T is đź’© but this squad looks like an American team SHOULD on any given night vs. a bad opponent.

And over the last 24 months, I didn't see it once.

Right now I sort of feel badly for USMNT, because it seems no matter what they do, it's not good enough for a lot of pundits.

They struggle but solidly beat Guyana. 

"Guyana has never been in a national team tournament! How was it even close?!!!"

They struggle early, but de-pants T&T

"T&T isn't a very good defensive team! Panama will be different."

The backups struggle a bit but do enough to win the group and beat Panama 1-0.

"Well this was Panama's B team."

I see it coming up next if they beat Curacao...

"Curacao isn't a very good team."

And they will get the same crap if they beat Jamaica or Panama in the semis.

And if they do that and face and beat either Costa Rica or Mexico the excuse will be "both of those teams were injury depleted."

Suddenly the narrative is shifting from USMNT "just isn't good enough," to "USMNT is winning, but they aren't beating anybody."


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