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Winning 2 of 3 at San Diego was a big boost for the Brewers.  Now the Brewers have a 4 game series at St. Louis this weekend.  While a sweep or 3 of 4 would be ideal for the Brewers I'd settle for a split so the Cards don't gain any ground.  Pitching for Milwaukee are  Lauer,  Woodruff,  Houser, and Burnes.  Throwing for St. Louis are  Wainwright,  Hudson,  Liberatore and Mikolas.   After Sunday the Brewers head to the Scrubbies.

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The Brewers ran out of gas toward the end of last year, but in reality they didn’t have a playoff caliber offense or Devin Williams and both issues caught up with them v Atlanta.

I do think STL will be in the mix so like everything else the Brewers just need to be competitive.  Beat the teams you should and don’t get swept by the good teams and they should be OK.  

It’s early but I am a lot more encouraged by their hitting this year.

Wife got me an early fathers day gift this week. Rooftop tickets on Memorial Day to watch the Brewers. Was a really fun back and forth game and I got to see Williams and Hader. No complaints. Well, two complaints.

1. Forgot sunscreen. The tops of my knees are still angry.

2. Parking. Parked in a lot about 1/2 mile away. Parked under the L tracks. Big mistake. It was a really warm day and my car ended up with "L juice" all over it. What's L juice? Here's a story about it. I had to use brake cleaner to get that shit off my car.

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