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Plus their 12th man was kind of flat.

vikings 12th man, on Sunday, reminded me of the mid 1990's vikings when their games would be blacked out in minnesota due to all the empty seats! Pillsbury and General Mills would bail them out, as would the Packers and their fan base when they traveled to Mpls to play the vikings in the Metrodome. Who would have thought that a pandemic would allow games, with no fans in the seats, to be aired. vikings mgmt should have thought of that earlier!

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@YATittle posted:

Dantzler played a lot against Davante. I think he played as much defending Davante, as Hill did. Spread the blame around! The only people he did not blame, for the vikings loss vs The Packers, unless I missed it, were the refs. That will probably be in their next post-loss broadcast. The vikes play the Colts next. Phillip Rivers does not have a great record against the vikings, but that was when he was in San Diego. I am hoping for a change in River's luck for Sunday.

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I canโ€™t remember the last time an NFL team replaced its two starting corners and a key backup in one offseason.  Not to mention two stalwarts on that DL. 

Veteran QBs will have their way with the MN pass defense.  I mean, if not for a few drops GB would have dropped 50 on those punks.   That is not a good defense.

On offense, their OL is still average at best and Diggs canโ€™t take pressure off of Thielen.  And they still have Kurt Cousinks. 

Thatโ€™s an 8-8 or 9-7 team at best.