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Barr got injured yesterday as well.    That defense is gonna get toasted all year and Kirk ain't the guy who can carry a team without a D.   Looking ahead they have:


Ouch!   It's possible that they are still sporting a 0 in the W column when they come to GB.   I don't see more than two W's there.    I would say at best they start the year 2-5.   Probably finish around 8-8.

@PackLandVA posted:

Kirk will eventually put up good numbers because they'll be playing from behind a lot with that defense.  Look at his numbers versus GB.  Better than he really played.

I've got them winning easily 6 games on they're schedule.  They'll probably end up with between 7 and 9 wins .... which is perfect.

Exactly on his numbers.

After the Packers went ahead 29-10, Cousins went 13-16 for 180 yards, 2 TDs, and 0 interceptions in the 4th quarter. That's a passer rating of 153.1. During that time, the Packers win probability never dropped below 91% and it was never a one-score game. The Packers defense went into a prevent and Kirk benefitted, but the game was never really in doubt. 

After the Vikings fell behind the Colts 28-3, Cousins was 5-7 for 54 yards as the Colts went semi-prevent. Again, all garbage time. 

In earlier parts of the games when there was still a chance, Kirk is 12-28 for 148 yards, 0 TDs, and 4 interceptions. That's a QB rating of 20.2. 


the vikings suck, that much we already knew

But did we know that ownership embraced the suck so much that they extended the GM, the HC and the overmatched QB who delivered all that suck ?

yes...I think we knew that too.

Zygi knows the vikings will always suck, so he's happy to continue the tradition and play his part in enabling the suck to continue. More cap cuts coming, talent drain and still betting more on Cousins. Now that's some serious Suck

We would have been hard pressed to come up with a suckier end to the zimmer era, but of course the vikings out-sucked anything we could have dreamed up. We just don't have the Foundation of Suck that they do.

Anyways, the next batch of vikings Suck is locked and loaded - and MLF will continue putting nails into that purple coffin of suck.

Hey vikefan...suck it !