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Shortest job security in the NFL: placekicker for the mn vikings!

Nothing like having your job on the line for every kick in training camp and every snap in preseason games; and if you miss, your coach calling you out in the media to say he has no confidence in you -- it makes for such a strong-minded, highly successful kickers!     (and wasted draft picks!)

Imagine if MM had given up on Crosby during that awful year he had (by his standards)... 

Last time I will post anything like this, I promise, but here's sarge's spin on his and jaymo's banning:

Re: Purple Cousins

Unread post by Sarge ยป Mon Aug 26, 2019 8:04 pm

:lol: He banned Jaymo and I over there because the Vikings showed the Barr hit on Rodgers during the Cards pregame "hype" video on the jumbotron!

Now they made themselves a safe place Vikings Suck thread where they post cute little meme pictures without any Viking fans allowed.

Pretty sure they realize this Packer season is going to be a shit show and they didn't want us around to poop all over them during the season.