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@DH13 posted:

But the best part might be the last paragraph about Kark.

Isn't that last paragraph sweet! Fair weather viking fans and sports writers! They are everywhere! Watch Spielman try to finagle a trade with whomever drafts first, if the vikings are not that team, because of their record. If they should draft Lawrence, they will ruin his career, too! After all, the vikings suck!

@Packiderm posted:

Vikings already down 2 games in the loss column!  

Must be due to their "unprecedented" injuries!



Jaymo's lack of reality is unprecedented. All those Packers listed as being injured, during that Super Bowl run, are wearing Super Bowl rings, today!

I'm telling ya.....they're tanking for Trevor Lawrence!! 

Both those guys just signed 5 year deals so they're not going anywhere.

“We’ve got a lot of corners on this team,” Zimmer said Friday via videoconference. “That’s part of the plan all along, to have some extra guys. We’ll be all right.”

{Whew! Thank god I signed that 5-year deal!} - Thoughts from Zim <<< Might become a weekly (weakly??) feature.

Comic gold from

Sarge: Viking injuries ARE serious. Teams bring their best against the Vikings, as we are THEE litmus test for them.

Every team checks their schedule to see if they got "The Test" on it, and plan there season goals accordingly.

We need everyone up for these battles. Packer fans wouldn't understand.