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From Warren Sharp

the vikings allowed TDs on 32.4% of opponent drives in the final 4 minutes before halftime or the end of the game:  Worst in the NFL

NFL average was 12% and team #31 allowed  20.6%

Not only did they rank #32 in the NFL last season...
they ranked #686 of 686 teams since at least 2000

that's some serious suck

@PackLandVA posted:

Haven't the Vikes been Champions of the offseason/April a bunch of times??

I think it's been for the last 20, maybe 25 years at the least.
Probably closer to 30 now that I think about it.

I don't remember their fans being as obnoxious back in the '70's, but what I knew about them was extremely limited. If any of you old-timers recall otherwise, please advise.

In any case, I seem to remember them starting their funkiness in the middle '80's, and have been mostly insufferable since the '90's. I do think they have been humbled a bit the last couple of years as they submitted to the realities of Kirk's superstar contract's ramifications, but they'll be back. Just ask Jaymo.