Gerg managed all of 3 catches for 33 yards in first vikes suckfest game.


Jennings first vike game article


"But Jennings didn’t seem upset. He has to understand that he’s kind of like Dorothy waking up in the Land of Oz. That wasn’t Kansas and this sure as heck isn’t Green Bay."


I suspect da bears are gonna continue the queens suckfest season this sunday. Ponder that Greg.

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"Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wilf, in a signed court document released Tuesday, said that making his net worth public “will pose a serious threat to me and my family” and that “malicious individuals” could target them for physical attack and extortion and could potentially ease the brisk sales of electronic pull tabs"


Ok, I made some of that up. Ziggy will have a tough time selling any of this right now.

OMG, it sounds like Wilf might be rich!  Well that's going to change everything.

Jennings was asked after the game if the Lions did anything to try to limit his opportunities.


“Nope,” he said.


“These are things you learn from,” Jennings said. “It’s the first game of the season. It’s not our last game. Was this an important game? Absolutely. Is this a game where we put our heads down and throw in the towel? Absolutely not. You have to learn from the good games and the bad games.”

Interestingly enough, This is the Packer way. Greg is still brainwashed obviously




how... convenient.  watch out for the wheels on this bus.


from PFT:

And that means that they have already determined that quarterback Christian Ponder is limited in practice because of a rib injury. Coach Leslie Frazier made the announcement on Wednesday and Ponder confirmed that he was injured early in last week’s loss to the Browns. Ponder was able to finish that game and threw the ball during the walkthrough portion of practice, but admitted that he’s worried about contact because of the injury and left open the possibility that Matt Cassel could be the Vikings’ man on the other side of the pond.

“If I can’t fulfill my duties, then Matt’s going to step in and play,” Ponder said, via Tom Pelissero of USA Today.

More Vikings dumb. Maybe if they hadn't pissed away four draft picks on a receiver who doesn't run good routes they could have built a little depth and gotten a starting-caliber linebacker and guard. Stick with Ponder, he's either "the guy" (not) or you tank with him for the better pick in a much better QB draft. They just out-tanked a team who traded it's "best" offensive skill player and started their third-string QB in their home stadium.

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"He made the game exciting to watch. He was going to throw it to somebody. It may not be who it was supposed to be, but somebody."


 "Somebody" the opposing team.

Which is why it's so infuriating that the current guy is so focused on playing well and avoiding mistakes that he sometimes refuses to throw the ball. 

Jennings' sister is probably happy. Maybe Cassel can get the ball to a wide-open Gerg. Wonder now how Gerg likes playing for "a  player's coach" who's not as demanding? 


Yesterday on the radio here they were discussing this is Frazier's way of getting Ponder out without hurting his little feelings, and being able to go back to him if Cassel sucks without losing face. I think Frazier is stuck in a difficult spot and unless he makes the playoffs in a big way, he's probably toast in Minnie.



Years from now an unemployed and liquored up Leslie Frazier is going to karaoke this in a seedy bar outside Brainerd and get to "Sister Christian there's so much in life, don't you give it up before your time is due" and smash a vodka bottle over someone's head.



Monday morning conversation at Heathrow...


"Anyone seen my passport??? I can't fly home without it"


"Not me Christian", "Me either", "Nope", "Sorry CP, I haven't either", "Not me", "You sure it's not in your man purse?", "That sucks man...tough break", "Coach asked me where he could find a shredder last night".

And today an article about Jennings being the ultimate team player and not a diva, who says in this article Jennings Faces Life Without Superstar QB: “In life, things aren’t perfect,” Jennings said. “But for my first seven years, they were pretty close. Especially at that position [quarterback].

“You learn not to take things for granted. But you also really focus on self-assessments. For me, if I see one of my teammates make a mistake, I automatically refer back to something I know I could have done better, so I don’t point fingers.”


Riiigghhttt. That's why you didn't say those things about Rodgers when you said them. What a crock. 

“In life, things aren’t perfect,” Jennings said. “But for my first seven years, they were pretty close. Especially at that position [quarterback].

“You learn not to take things for granted." 


It's nice that it didn't take him long to figure out that he ****ed up.  


Enjoy the next 16 months of your 'big' contract, Gerg - it's all you'll ever see at this big-money level.


Oh, and good luck with those endorsement deals when you play in a small market that doesn't draw nationally on a really ****ty team.

It's all come full circle with Gerg.   He was overlooked in high school and ended up at Western Michigan and overachieved.   He was overlooked in the draft and TT drafted him and he overachieved and got a ring.   The last thing on his NFL bucket list was to finally get his "due credit" through free agency and the Vikings obliged.   Too bad he will never live up to the expectations of that contract.


Jennings wasn't the first professional athlete to end up in that situation and he won't be the last.   He got paid but the downside is he's on a crappy team with a crappy QB when he could have stayed in GB for a little less and still made the highlight reel just about every game.


Oh, and good luck Vikings.   Just goes to prove that last year was a complete fluke.   The Matt Cassell of 3 years ago isn't going to walk through the door.   That is a 4 win team.

Greg will be on NFL Network when he retires, without doubt. He can still get some endorsement deals no matter what team he is on. 


Just wish I knew what his sister has to say.....shucks.


Vikings: That is a 4 win team.


I give 'em 6 or 7 wins as long as Peterson is healthy