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I don't think they are going to enjoy their 2013 season. The only question is how will they  screw themselves this time ? - a crappy letdown of a regular season; or another  spectacular playoff choke ?



13 Time World Champion Green Bay Packers

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The Mighty Green Bay Packers have gone to the playoffs 28 times...and won 13 Championships in those efforts


The vikingsuck have gone to the playoffs 27 times and won zero championships


Note the difference

vikes new choke-a-torium is going to have a capacity of 73000 with the ability to bring in folding chairs and card tables to make it 80,000


The New South End Zone puts GB at 80.750 all the time, with a waiting list of over 100K


The purplestank is forcing their fans to buy tickets to a crappy opponent in order to purchase tickets for the Mighty Green Bay Packers game


We give and we give and we give- but their epic suck-itude knows no bounds



I believe I'm cleared for takeoff....


The Vikings suck. They've always sucked. They found a way to suck when they were really talented. It's a mythical gift. Almost magical. They suck when everything tells common sense it shouldn't be happening. It's like an echo in a steep and deep canyon. You keep hearing suck and then after a while it fades away but you convince yourself you still hear it because they've always sucked. It's ingrained. Then they do something in present time to remind you weren't wrong. They suck! They really do suck!


I don't like the Vikings. I don't like their fans. I don't like anything about that franchise. I love the fact they hate the Packers. Another Lombardi or two while they figure out a way to finance what could have been a third times a charm return to Midwestern roots but instead a we think we're a big deal look at us geo-graphic glass prism  house is fine with me.


The Vikings Suck!


This might be a little outdated now, but:

4 Lost Superbowls

Drew Pearson's push off (that whole game was a mess)

'87 Darren Nelson's drop on the goal line (NFC Champ Game)

'98 Season, 15-1, Take a Knee, Missed FG, OT Loss (NFC Champ Game)

2000 41-0 (NFC Champ Game)

PA's haunting call (NO! NO! NO!) against the Cards (Playoffs)

'09 season of Lord Favre, refs tilt the game in OT (NFC Champ Game)
PA’s meltdown after Lord Favre’s interception (This is not Detroit! This is the Super Bowl!)
Or, how bout the qualitative view:

Keith Millard's "guns"

Les Steckel

Randy Moss mooning

Randy Moss water bottle vs side judge

Randy Moss 40% rule
Mike Tice opening his mouth
Mike Tice ticket scandal

Drafting a guy named Underwood with no background check

Childress calling Belicheck a liar on national radio

Childress making fun of Jeff George to national media

The Love Boat

Dennis Green detailing a coup to take ownership of the team

Dennis Green sexual harrassment

Cris Carter not in the Hall of Fame

Gophers and Twins obtaining public financing for stadiums. Not Vikes.

Spergeon Wynn - starting QB in the NFL.

Not drafting Marcus Allen (Darren Nelson)

The Hershel Walker Trade = Cowboys 3 SuperBowl titles
Jim Marshall wrong way run

Carl Eller takes a shockin' but keeps on rockin'

The Humpty Dump

A dude with long, gold braids

One of my most cherished "in attendance" moments at a professional football game:


October 24, 2010. Lambeau Field. 4th quarter. 55 seconds remaining. Packer up 28-24 vs Minny.


Farve completes a 35 yard TD to Harvin and the 4 Viking fans two rows in front of us lose their minds. "You still can't beat him!!!!!", "It's gotta suck watching him to that to you in a Viking uniform", "It's gotta' suck he's doing that for us now!!!!".


Then the replay board showed Harvin's foot land 6 inches out of bounds and Lambeau absolutely EXPLODED. 20 minutes after the game was over the place never got quiet.


The walk out of Lambeau while the noise got louder and louder was something I'll never forget. Just an epic "Eff you Brett" moment shared with 70,000 friends.


The Vikings Suck!

A root canal without a local done with a chisel, rusty punch, dry wall saw and a dull 1/32 drill bit and rinsing with round-up would beat watching a game at the "I had no idea this place had a sunroof" dump of stadium.
The Vikings SUCK!  

Packers have a day off, let's check in real fast and see what's going on in Mankato via Kevin Seifert's live blog!!!


Good timing. Team drills are just starting...


Kevin Seifert

First play: Ponder throws up for grabs in direction of Rudolph. Harrison Smith breaks up. Second play: bullet to Simpson on sideline. Complete. Third: Ponder throws into Jared Allen's hands. Batted down.


Kevin Seifert

That's about his it's gone so far this summer in a nutshell.


Adam (fan)

Is ESPN mandating that you point out any bad play Ponder makes?  That sequence was during a blitz drill where the defense knows it is going to be a pass. That two of our better players break up plays is more telling of the defense than it is of Ponder.


Kevin Seifert

The alternative is what? Make excuses? Everything has tone perfect for ponder to be perfect? Just telling you what I've seen.


And that's a wrap here in Mankato. Thanks for stopping by!


The Vikings SUCK!



Day before yesterday they said Ponder was brutal as well. He not only short-hopped receivers, he overthrew wide open guys by a lot, etc. It seems he might be totally falling apart with the pressure of Cassel looking over his shoulder. Good thing AP wants to run for 2,500 this year, and break Emmit Smith's all-time record by the end of 2017. 

Originally Posted by Fandame:

Day before yesterday they said Ponder was brutal as well. He not only short-hopped receivers, he overthrew wide open guys by a lot, etc. It seems he might be totally falling apart with the pressure of Cassel looking over his shoulder. Good thing AP wants to run for 2,500 this year, and break Emmit Smith's all-time record by the end of 2017. 

Ponder is, and always will be an inferior QB, but bringing in a guy like Cassel is the worst possible thing they could have done. Not only is he no better than Ponder, but they've left the guy they took 7th overall in the draft looking over his shoulder. Letting Ponder build on his limited "successes" of last year for at least another season, with a better group of WRs would have been the smartest move. He has very little in his resumé to build any sort of confidence upon. Cassel didn't go to Minnesota because he thought he was going to be a backup, he knew he'd have a good chance at the starting job.

If I had a lot of money and spare time I would like to film a documentary called. "52 years of failure. A historical look at getting nothing accomplished". It would include all the highlights we've come to love and it would be narrated by Morgan Freeman saying things like "I wish I could tell you the Vikings fought the good fight.... and that the Packers let them be....I wish I could tell you that. But the NFL is no fairy tale world. There's a harsh reality to face....some teams weren't meant to win"" and it would probably win some awards.

"Can't say I'm surprised it happened considering all the time [Bishop] missed a year ago," Frazier said. "Just have to go day to day and hopefully get him back before the first preseason game. We really need to see him in some live situations considering all the time he's missed. We also have to be smart if he's not ready to go this week." 


Not enough stretching 

I tortured myself yesterday listening to KFAN for a short drive and was amazed at the green-and-gold envy on their home station. The tools for announcers were on the Vikings' practice field, yet spend huge chunks of time asking fans (kids) how much they hated GB.  They also tried not to gloat over the Bulaga injury, saying they think GB will have a tough year missing Bulaga and Jennings. Apparently they didn't do their homework to see that both missed much of last year. But I wonder how Zigi feels about his team's station spending so little time on the purple and so much time on GB... 

Originally Posted by Fandame:

 But I wonder how Zigi feels about his team's station spending so little time on the purple and so much time on GB... 

Since the Vikings Suck, the media and writers are left with talking about the Mighty Green Bay Packers. Zigi the criminal is just happy to have landed in a state full of stupid people willing to back a loser -  so he can't complain too much about Packer-envy


He has it too




Trouble in paradise:

In the wake of the ruling, Dayton has urged a final review of the Vikings stadium deal to ensure that there was no fraud or other inappropriate business dealings.

I sure do hope they kept their proverbial hands clean.  Then there’s this:

Amid news that airport-based electronic gambling that was expected to raise $3 million in 2013 has resulted in $33,586 through six months, there’s a chance that the politicians made bad assumptions about the public funding mechanisms.

Huh… you think? More on that big pot of money from the link here:

Of the $33,586 spent so far on the games, 85 percent was returned to players as prizes, said Vaughn. After paying rent to the bar, rent for the equipment, and taxes to the state, the foundation earned about $1,900 for its projects at the airport, she said.

$1,900? So I guess they still have a ways to go?

Originally Posted by MI PACK:

Trouble in paradise:

Of the $33,586 spent so far on the games, 85 percent was returned to players as prizes, said Vaughn. After paying rent to the bar, rent for the equipment, and taxes to the state, the foundation earned about $1,900 for its projects at the airport, she said.

$1,900? So I guess they still have a ways to go?

What would be an absolute riot is if Packer fans held a rally, collected $2000 in a couple hours and gave it to the vikes to help their stadium efforts. The press coverage alone would be worth the effort.


from Peter King @ MMQB

" In a stunning turn of events, a small group of dedicated Packer fans collected more money for the vikings stadium efforts in a few short hours than the highly publicized pull- tab efforts at the airport did in 6 months. When asked about why they did it, we hear from Boris Badenov, owner of the definitive Packers message board X4:


" We just want to help in any way we can. And while beating the vikings and watching them implode is fine entertainment, at the end of the day we just felt its in our best interest to keep the vikings viable and we knew their anemic fans couldn't pull it off . So we stepped up once again to show them how its done. We also asked for a special section in the new stadium, one we could sell out and start a waiting list for future Packer games in MN"

"Worst case: Ponder throws for 200 yards total over the first three games, followed by a -5 yard passing performance at "home" in London. The rest of the season features Matt Cassel handing off to AP 35 times a game, and Greg Jennings committing seppuku at midfield before the Vikings host the Packers in Week 8. At the end of the season, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland sever diplomatic relations with the U.S. until the government forces the Vikings to change their name to something more appropriate like the "Terrified French Peasants" or the "Defenseless Saxon Monks.""


Terrified French Peasants it is.  Somebody please make a logo.  


"If any other organization inflicted this much misery over 50 years the U.N. would've intervened by now."

I would f**k my own mother for any other starting quarterback in our division.


There is no way you could sum up Viking hatred, envy, pity, disdain, psychosis, detachment, spite, disgust, and resignation of the inevitable in 14 words or less any better than the above.


There's a whole lot going on in those 14 words.

Rumor has it that the Vikings are going to put together a schedule that will breed success for next year.  It will feature away games at Alcorn State, Sam Houston's Institute of Technology (good old SHI...), and Southwest Baptist University.  There will be some lower tier DI-A schools.  But no NFL teams - adjusting to the guys available. 

Vikings stadium on hold pending final review of deal


According to Richard Meryhew of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the Minnesota Sports Facility Authority has opted to delay signing the final paperwork pending an independent review by an outside firm.


And it’s more than one final look at the stadium deal; it’s an examination at Vikings owner Zygi Wilf’s real-estate business, the New Jersey litigation that resulted in a finding of civil fraud, the potential impact of the lawsuit on the private contribution to the stadium effort, and “extensive background checks.”

Can they do anything right?

Originally Posted by ChilliJon:
Some really good stuff here.
I can't wait to see what he has to say tomorrow about our club. Overall, he has done a splendid job of humor and I can appreciate it.

My Favorite from the 'emails' (I live behind the purple curtain these days, but this sums it up so well from what I have to listen to, season after season.) Hell, the 11 year thing is something I had never noticed...


Every eleventh January, the Vikings and their fans can expect the most gut-wrenching losses possible in the most dramatic ways, and each one gets worse.  Here is a brief synopsis:

January 1977 - The Vikings lose to the Raiders 32-14 in Super Bowl XI.  A 75-yard pick six by Willie Brown ices the game for the Raiders.  Not the most heartbreaking of losses (by Vikings standards), but this would be the last time the Vikings would be in the Super Bowl.

January 1988 - The Vikings manage to make it to the NFC Championship game, despite eeking into the playoffs with an 8-7 record in a strike shortened season.  They lose to the Redskins 17-10, and the game ends with Darin Nelson (whom the Vikings selected in the draft ahead of Hall of Famer Marcus Allen) dropping what would have been the game-tying touchdown catch in the End Zone.

January 1999 - the best Vikings team possibly in history loses at home in the NFC Championship game to the "Dirty Bird" Atlanta Falcons when Gary Anderson, who had hit 59 consecutive field goals, cannot put through the one that really matters.  I didn't talk to anyone for at least six hours, as all of my Packer and Bear fan friends were doing the Dirty Bird.

January 2010 - Former enemy Brett Favre throws a terrible interception allowing the bounty-gate Saints to win in overtime.  Had he not done this, the Vikings could have been in field goal range and won the game.   I called in sick from work the next day, as it legitimately made me sick.

January 2021 - I will be finding a cave deep under Antarctica, holing up and just trying to imagine how it could possibly get any worse.

'Your one fantasy player everyone will hate: Greg Jennings. He hasn’t played a full season since 2010 AND he called out Aaron Rodgers during the offseason. Way to go, moron. Not like that guy doesn’t have a long memory or anything. No other wideout in history is more prepared to catch 60 passes for 890 yards. I hate him already."




Javon Walker numbers?

Paul Allen     @PAKFANVikes         

48 hrs from now Cory Cove & start Vikings Fanline on discussing Ponder's 6-9-120-1-0 gm.

Paul Allen     @PAKFANVikes         

48 hours from now we will be leading the Bills 13-10 early third quarter.

Originally Posted by ChilliJon:

... a little surprised PA wasn't mentioned today. No one sets an unrealistic expectation bar as high as PA and then crashes harder when everything goes off the rails. He does it to himself every year. I'd say I'm surprised Viking fans don't call him on it instead of getting sucked into his vapor trail of BS. But it's Viking fans.

PA is paid well to be schill for the 'queens and always will, as long as he is in the market.  I personally am surprised based on the fact that he is not 'one of them' but has been accepted so willingly.


If he was on sports radio in Cleveland he would have a dog mask, bark, howl, blather, and seem to do it excitedly with verve as the greatest dog-pound veteran ever.

Paul Allen     @PAKFANVikes         

48 hrs from now Cory Cove & start Vikings Fanline on discussing Ponder's 6-9-120-1-0 gm.


2 hours from now you can discuss his 5-12-53-0-0-fumble-2 sack gm.


And Cassel fumbles the snap on his first drive, TD, 7-3 Bills. Cassel fumbled again on his second drive but got it back. That's 3 QB fumbles in the 1st half but only lost one that unfortunately went for 7.



Without Peterson, the Vikings are a 2-14 team. Granted, the Packers probably wouldn't be much better without Rodgers, but I think his shelf life is going to be a lot longer than Peterson's. Peterson has 3-4 years (tops) as an elite talent before his body no longer has the ability to carry the load as a workhorse back.

Loved this discussion on twitter tonight.


Ben Leber          @nacholeber         

Hold on fans, I know it wasn't pretty but no prep in preseason for exotic blitzing defense. True test next week.


Billy Charlebois     @pakman888         

Pats went 0-4 in pre season when they won the Super Bowl. Not sayin......,just sayin....... (retweeted by Paul Allen)


steve liell     @WhoDat21625         

they had Tom Brady


Jerome Carey @jacarey33         

Lions went 4-0 in preseason before going 0-16 during the season. Doesn't mean anything. Just saying...


The 2013 Ponder world tour is not off to a great start.



They can cite the Patriots (or Colts for that matter, they were notoriously bad in preseason during the Manning years) sucking in preseason all they like, but Brady always looks sharp during his appearances. I don't really care if the Packers lose by 30 points tomorrow, but I would care if the starters look bad. What the Vikings needed to see were some encouraging signs from Ponder, and he failed, miserably.

 Dom  figured out a defensive strategy to limit AP (of course limiting him means around 100 yards) in the playoff game, dlineman must stay at similar depths and reduce the distance between each other, they must hold their ground & present a wall. Of course this leaves them vulnerable to the pass, since they will not get as good a pass rush. Must make Poner beat us.  

What is this Vikings crap doing at the top of my favorite forum?


We need a ban of Vikings discussion until the week of a game including chat room.  Posting scores of Mall of 10,000 Lakes team in a post season game while others are posting about the Packers is real dum.  Telling us about a player on that team is dummer.


What's next a Iowhine Hawkeye update during Badger games telling us about the corn crop and how Farmer Tyrone's sheep had a sleep over at some cop's place?

Maybe they did blitz more than one would expect in preseason, but a blitz heavy defense that is in its first season has to run those plays in order to get ready for the season. To say they were caught completely off guard is still an indictment of their team. If Ponder isn't to blame due to honestly not expecting a blitz heavy scheme to -gasp- blitz (a real QB still should be able to adjust to some degree), then their coaching staff are morons.

Originally Posted by Boris:

Ponders one shining moment might be game #16 last season. Of course he needed 199 from AP on 34 carries but that's just splitting hairs. Ponder can do it!! Right?



When it comes down to it, Rick Speilman and the Wilfs put them in this position and have to figure out how to make it work.  A GM defines themselves with who they pick, the legacy they create, and the results of their efforts. 


Now the Wilfs are in question financially, Rick has to show that all his bold moves will work, and the giant sneezeguard is teetering on the owner's repuataion, the display of the public to not support ways to raise $ for the new embarassment.


And th... oh nevermind. I am ranting.




The Vikings' Sandcrawler Stadium deal has been a mess from the start. The governor is grandstanding with his show of looking into the deal. He wants to make it look like he's on the ball, especially after he pushed hard for the stadium and then signed off on the gambling fees to help finance it. And we all know how well that source of funding is going.  


However, given the trial result, Minnesota may have dodged a bullet by not having the stadium built in the suburbs and allowing Wilf to buy up all the real estate around it.