Seems like we should break in the new place properly


I don't think they are going to enjoy their 2013 season. The only question is how will they  screw themselves this time ? - a crappy letdown of a regular season; or another  spectacular playoff choke ?



13 Time World Champion Green Bay Packers

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The Mighty Green Bay Packers have gone to the playoffs 28 times...and won 13 Championships in those efforts


The vikingsuck have gone to the playoffs 27 times and won zero championships


Note the difference

vikes new choke-a-torium is going to have a capacity of 73000 with the ability to bring in folding chairs and card tables to make it 80,000


The New South End Zone puts GB at 80.750 all the time, with a waiting list of over 100K


The purplestank is forcing their fans to buy tickets to a crappy opponent in order to purchase tickets for the Mighty Green Bay Packers game


We give and we give and we give- but their epic suck-itude knows no bounds



I believe I'm cleared for takeoff....


The Vikings suck. They've always sucked. They found a way to suck when they were really talented. It's a mythical gift. Almost magical. They suck when everything tells common sense it shouldn't be happening. It's like an echo in a steep and deep canyon. You keep hearing suck and then after a while it fades away but you convince yourself you still hear it because they've always sucked. It's ingrained. Then they do something in present time to remind you weren't wrong. They suck! They really do suck!


I don't like the Vikings. I don't like their fans. I don't like anything about that franchise. I love the fact they hate the Packers. Another Lombardi or two while they figure out a way to finance what could have been a third times a charm return to Midwestern roots but instead a we think we're a big deal look at us geo-graphic glass prism  house is fine with me.


The Vikings Suck!